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Just ignore him and he'll go away

By Fred Bethune on Thursday June 10, 2010 11:58 AM

For those who are blissfully unaware, this is the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, Michael Ignatieff. Yes, that Michael Ignatieff.

Since being recruited to lead the party in 2006, Iggy has been doing his best Uriah Heep impression in an attempt to convince the common hoser that he is ever so 'umble and not at all the arrogant, grasping, narcissist fraud that we all know he is. To my delight, he has failed spectacularly.

First he lost the Liberal leadership to the laughably inept Stephane Dion. Then, after a dismal showing in the last election, the ever-unpopular Ignatieff had to be installed as party leader by fiat because it was again unclear that he could garner enough votes to win within his own party. That brings us to the present deadlock:

Conservative - 31.4% Liberal - 26.8% NDP - 16.6% Green - 12.6% Bloc Quebecois - 8.9%

The minority Conservative government lacks the votes to actually pass any legislation, but if Ignatieff were to vote down any important bill, it would trigger an election that he would lose, thus ending his reign as Liberal leader. In order to avoid facing the public, Ignatieff has shamelessly collaborated with the Conservatives to pass all manner of heinous legislation.

The upside to this whole sordid saga is that the Canadian public has yet to be cowed into voting him in as the "lesser evil". Even though 68% of the public is firmly on the left, they have stoically withstood the four year assault on the country's core values, the incompetent leadership, and the international embarrassment without resorting to lesser evilism.

Unfortunately, an Orthrian plot is now afoot, with the Liberal and the NDP party elders discussing a merger. As tempting as it would be to see the Conservatives permanently removed from power, I really hope that this does not come to pass. Why risk 8 years of Ignatieff rule at a time when we could be rid of this scumbag for good? With any luck, the Canadian electorate will be able to follow Schumann Total Management Protocol and "keep the focus focused on core competencies" such as the implacable distrust of Ivy League alumni, until Iggy finally packs his bags and goes back to Boston.

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a monster


Good one, FB.


"The case for empire is that it has become, in a place like Iraq, the last hope for democracy and stability alike...."

u.s.s. laputa :
the shining armada hovering everywhere
over head

".. empires survive only by understanding their limits"

the sky's the limit for laputa


monster? oh I'll show you a monster


Jeezus, Mr. "Blood and Belonging" is looking worse for the wear...


gluelicker, that actually reminds me of one of Iggy's earlier episodes

When they brought him in to lead the party, they first had to find him a riding (district) to represent. The one that they chose happened to be dominated by Ukrainians, both in terms of the voters in that area and the party members and candidates. In order to parachute unwelcome Ignatieff in there, they had to resort to blatant dirty tricks like changing the location for candidate registrtion at the last minute, and then literally locking the other candidates out of the building until the deadline passed. Shortly thereafter a few Ukrainians dug up the following passages out of his "Blood and Belonging":

"My difficulty in taking Ukraine seriously goes deeper than just my cosmopolitan suspicion of nationalists everywhere. Somewhere inside I'm also what Ukrainians would call a great Russian and there is just a trace of old Russian disdain for these little Russians. "

"From my childhood, I remember expatriate Ukrainians nationalists demonstrating in the snow outside performances by the Bolshoi Ballet in Toronto. 'Free the captive nations!' they chanted.In 1960, they seemed strange and pathetic, chanting in the snow, haranguing people who just wanted to see ballet and to hell with poltiics. They seemed fanatical, too, unreasonable. Hadn't they looked at the map? How did they think that Ukraine could ever be free?"

In an interview Mr. Ignatieff describes Ukrainian culture as "embroidered peasant shirts, the nasal whine of ethnic instruments, phony Cossacks in cloaks and boots."

Ron Popeil stole Fred Rogers clothes?

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