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ahh, the smell of it

By Michael J. Smith on Wednesday July 7, 2010 09:19 PM

Daily Kos, alas, still seems to be turmoiling along:

3/5 of House Dems "Obsessed" with Afghan Withdrawal Timetable
by Robert Naiman

According to our Commander-in-Chief, "obsession" ... characterizes the widespread interest in the timeline for bringing home 100,000 American boys and girls safely from Afghanistan so they can grow old with their sweethearts and lead economically productive lives...

President Obama said there's "a lot of obsession" about the withdrawal date for U.S. troops from Afghanistan, AP reported Sunday.

This "obsession" has so afflicted the body politic that Thursday night, three-fifths of the Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives voted for an amendment on the war supplemental that not only tried to lock in the July 2011 timetable for the beginning of the drawdown that President Obama promised last year, but also would have required the President to establish a timetable for the completion of the drawdown.

Much matter for bitter laughter here. A few more than half the Donks voted, symbolically, for a measure sure to fail. Obsession should be made of sterner stuff. Talk about a non-straw in a non-wind.

What I really loved was Naiman thinking these poor soldier boys and girls want to "lead economically productive lives". Gloriosky. One hopes they have more vivid dreams than that.

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"What I really loved was Naiman thinking these poor soldier boys and girls want to "lead economically productive lives". Gloriosky. One hopes they have more vivid dreams than that"

Of course, they also want to be loyal consumers of corporate products. Duh...


that model looks like gollum
that creepy EG thing
slip skulking around over rocks and past rills in peter jacksons lord of the rings movie



"lifelong burdens on their family members
and the public purse."

that has a nice prissy chill to it
don't it now
kos fans

both a dead weight on mumma's purse
and uncles too
the pulpy drenched side
of nerd closet civics


I've never understood the appeal of Kate Moss. I don't think that I'm particularly narrow in my tastes. I get the grotesque "otherworldly" model thing, and I can even sort of understand op's thing for pantsuited harpies, but Moss? I just don't get it

Since "revering" the military is so eternally fashionable, I think each and every Donk/Elephant running for office should not be allowed to declare until they've had at least one member of their immediate family pressed (impressed?) into entry-level military service. Combat, of course. Not pansy paperwork stuff.

Isn't DK big on that whole faux-pious walk-the-walk shtick?

P.S. - "Pantsuit Harpies" is now the official name of my new rock band. [wipes away tear] Thank You, SMBIVA!

I think there's an application, here, for the Fluggenock Principle.

In the same way that we ought to use BP executive corporeality (nifty word of the day) to plug the Gulf oil eruption, perhaps we ought to strongly encourage leading Donkalots to fill the body gap in Afghanistan, again with their own corporealities.

CF Oxtrot:

The Kate Moss thing: well duh. She's so skinny she's boy-like or man-like. In the days before I-Porn was so freewheeling and easily found, Kate Moss served the same purpose, psychosexually speaking, that T-Girls and ladyboys serve now.

Palliating the sexuality-confused urges of men everywhere.

She's like those tiny little bio-accessory lapdogs that so many eedjits like to own and parade -- look, Miss Starlet, if you want a fuckin' cat, get a cat... not a dog that wishes it were a cat. Same gig. If you are a hetero male and you want a woman, go find a woman, not a Kate Moss who looks more like Evan Dando than Evan Dando.

And that's all from Dr Emil Nystaglia, professor of cardboard-cutout sexuality at Yarvard Hoonyversity.


this is a thread worth extending
unfortunately the three horsepersons
of the
friar fb
the x lady
and di-oxy ribald gookleosis hizeff ..

pant suit harpy indeed
enter the queen of pants



She's so skinny she's boy-like
lets get real here kids



"this is a thread worth extending"

what about the one where you insisted that we discuss the woodchuck?


the royal WE
july woodchuck hunt
was a practical joke
blame electric AL

u see
while you played bill murray in caddy shack I

i was reading your man wynne hedley
stealing a march so to speak

btw do u have his last book ???
the one he wrote with that distant quebecois relative of mine ....??


well yeah
I already sent it to you months ago. Search your inbox


april 14th

I had to double-check to make sure that advert read "Calvin Klein" and not "OxFam".


Skinny doesn't begin to describe it. Cadaverous is starting to get there, but still doesn't quite reach: after all, a cadaver is safely dead, but this poor creature is still clearly alive, in some very alarming way.

I remember this ad from back in the day. It never seemed sexy. But it didn't seem quite so creepy back then.

Maybe there is such a thing as progress.


The appeal of Moss is the petite, indeed, childlike figure. Evidence of emaciation in this photo is limited to the slightly undercut cheekbones. I wonder if the critics are reacting to their awareness of other photos of the model in which the ribcage is quite prominent. That is not apparent here. Here the flesh on the arms and legs looks quite firm, smooth, and healthy.

The gollum comparison is quite apt however. Moss would have made a very attractive gollum and saved the cost of the CGI.

That last rebuke of Naiman is undeserved. He works for improved USA behavior in the world everyday through agitation at the grassroots, if my email inbox is any evidence.

Did he really suggest that the boys and girls should limit their aspirations to fulfilling a role in the great US sweat/feast scheme? Or is he really trying to contrast the daily lives and future prospects of these poverty-drafted warriors with the lives and prospects of their more fortunate comrades not in arms back here?

Everyone can (and must) dream for himself, but few of us will eat and kiss our skinny sweethearts on a regular basis without some economically useful niche in the great machine.


Eeek. I haven't seen anything that grim since my days working as dogsbody to a neuropathologist.

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