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Clinton Lectures Russia

By Al Schumann on Monday July 5, 2010 08:23 PM


For occupying part of Georgia, for Russia's failure to abide by this and that and for building "enduring" military bases. There may be more. I don't know.

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Her blog http://blogs.state.gov/ is chock full of laughs.

Exhibit A in the case that looksism isn't as important as we think. Who's doing her hair? Studio OMFG?

Michael Hureaux:

Could have been worse. Given the hairstyle, she might have chosen to make us listen to her rendition of "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy".


Is this picture a photoshop or did HRC really stand in front a back projection of a photo of a GI getting his traumatic brain injury? For some years these kinds of lectures have been taking place in front of a one of those solid color backgrounds that repeat the 'central message' of the talk. e.g.

Not a rabbit Not a rabbit Not a rabbit

Not a rabbit Not a rabbit

Not a rabbit Not a rabbit Not a rabbit



Note to self: SMBIVAs software squeezes the whitespace out of comments.

Not a rabbit................ Not a rabbit................. Not a rabbit

...................Not a rabbit............... Not a rabbit

Not a rabbit................ Not a rabbit................. Not a rabbit

Al Schumann:

I took the liberty of providing Madame Secretary with a photoshopped backdrop. The previous one had some authoritarian subliminal messages; fnords and rabbits, mostly, with a leering woodchuck dressed like Matt Yglesias.


this is the most attractive shot of the Hill i've ever seen since her turtle necked
goggle glasses sister of simon chip munk days at law school


her hair is magnificent
her face why its chiseled out of that afgoon rock behind her
speaking of behinds
that lower section is well out of frame

oh what bad legs that hunk of thinking meat has


op, just imagine that chiseled face after her first stroke or two.

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