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By Michael J. Smith on Friday July 30, 2010 09:30 AM

More comic relief from Alternet:

Help NPR beat FOX News

Dear Reader,

The White House Correspondents Association is considering giving a prime front row seat at the White House -- recently vacated when Helen Thomas retired -- to Fox News. The idea that a right-wing propaganda outlet would be given such an honor is outrageous. Please join me in telling the WHCA to give that seat to NPR instead.


Truly, I laughed till I cried. Where do you start? We're supposed to care who sits where in the White House press room? We're to believe that we can be saved from the Huns of Fox News by the preux-chevaliers of... NPR?!

One marvels that anybody could be so paltry-minded as to concern himself with submicroscopic trifles of this kind. But of course that's Pwogs for you. Beating up on Fox News represents the uttermost limits of the Pwog politico-cultural imagination.

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US versus THEM!

US versus THEM!


There is a lot of reverence about the White House. These things matter greatly to some. I remember the tone of choked anger with which a close acquaintance once said "Yeah, we learned what some people do with cigars in the Oval Office." The temple defiled, you know, like in de Sade's 120 Days. I think it had to do with Monica Lewinsky but I didn't pursue it.

But to follow the thought, I believe Diane Rehm would be perfect. Now where is that petition?


I suppose I should not tell the world about how when, during the Nixon and Ford eras, my mother worked in the White House Press Office and on saturdays would take me and my brother to work with her, and I would go into the Press Briefing room and stand at the podium and pretend to call only on Helen Thomas. Defiling the temple I was!

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