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Lemme at 'em

By Owen Paine on Thursday August 5, 2010 10:29 PM

POTUS to AFL chiefs:

'In my deck of cards you're aces-high guys... but here all I got is a pair of deuces for you to work with.'
No, that's not what he said. Not literally. This is what he said:
"Well, you guys don’t need advice from me, but let me tell you what I see out there. We were hurt by this recession, badly hurt. This is going to take some time to recover. Unemployment is at unacceptably high levels."
And talk about soft soap:
"FDR was asked once what he thought about unions. He said, “If I was a worker in a factory and I wanted to improve my life, I would join a union.” Well, I tell you what. I think that’s true for workers generally. I think if I was a coal miner, I’d want a union representing me to make sure that I was safe and you did not have some of the tragedies that we’ve been seeing in the coal industry. If I was a teacher, I’d want a union to make sure that the teachers’ perspective was represented as we think about shaping an education system for our future."
NB: the sectors he notices both already have unions. How about Walmart, Mr POTUS, and those Toyota assembly plants and Mcdonalds and and and...?

But hold the presses! There's more!

This speech to the Aflack politburo by our maximum leader is a real rip-snorter, a stem-winder, cork popper, an honest to God fightin' man's job class tennis-court oath.

Not only would Barry join the coal miners' union, if he was a coal miner; gander at this, headline message number II:

'We're gonna export our way out of this dirty brown job shit hole we're in once and for all.'
Another Paine jape? In effect, he did say that:
"Instead of giving tax breaks to corporations that want to ship jobs overseas, we want to give tax breaks to companies that are investing right here in the United States of America."
Whoops, wrong quote. Forget that one. Pretend you didn't read it. He's not as grotesque and Kerry-tree-like as that makes him out to be. Really. No, really.

Ahhh yes, here it is, the money line:

"We are going to keep fighting for an economy that works for everybody, not just a privileged few."
C'mon, Paine, boooo! Yer stallin'! What about that export-led recovery?

Shaddup, here it is:

"the message I want to deliver to our competitors -- and to those in Washington who’ve tried to block our progress at every step of the way -- is that we are going to rebuild this economy stronger than before, and at the heart of it are going to be three powerful words: Made in America. Made in America.

That’s why we’re finally enforcing our trade laws -- in some cases for the very first time. That’s why we’re fighting for tax breaks for companies that invest here in the United States as opposed to companies that are investing overseas or that keep their profits offshore. Because it is my belief -- and I know it’s the belief of this room -- that there are no better workers than U.S. workers. There are no better workers than your members. And they are absolutely committed to making sure that America is on the rise again."

Okay, okay, nothing there about exports. But hey, plenty of import substitution... Maybe... Possibly... Some day when the Rocky Mountains march on Washington. But ye of little faith, behold: here is the export charge stuff:
"... when business and labor are working together, then we can compete against anybody, and we can knock down trade barriers in other countries, and we can start selling products around the world. And we make great products in this country. We’ve got the best workers in the world, the best universities in the world. Got the most dynamic economy in the world. We have the freest market system in the world. And all those things give us a huge competitive advantage if we’re all working together."
Knock down trade barriers! Cue Bert Lahr:

"Ya, ya, let us at 'em! Let us at 'em! We'll moidah dose bums! We'll knock 'em silly! They all got glass jaws, the sissies. We'll flatten 'em, send 'em to funky town, rubberize 'em, extoiminate 'em!"

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"We are going to keep fighting for an economy that works for everybody, not just a privileged few."

Um, sure, if you're an IT guy from Sri Lanka:



Holding my breath for card check. And appropriately so, now that Obama's union orientation has been declared so plainly.

I admire lunch's sense of humor. A promotion is clearly in order.


How generous of the Obe to allow as how unions ain't so bad. Reminds me of a bit from that unparalleled genius, Mel Brooks (The bit I'm thinking of starts about 4:00, if I can't get the offset to work):

Wonderful! The new Really Reagan 1.04 operating system, which now features the FDR Pseudo-Recovery Mode Screensaver, all in a Slim-Profile Black Illusion case.

This is a well-designed robot.



Has any US politician ever stood before a group of labor leaders and said not, "There are no better workers anywhere than your members", but instead, "Your members are no better than workers anywhere." The alternate phrasing bears the same meaning but avoids the smoke-up-the-butt connotation. It also hints at one of the main problems for the US working class in the globalized market. NAFTA e.g. put US workers in direct competition for jawbs with 25 million Mexican teenagers fresh from the farms vacated by a tide of US grown beans and corn.

Obama:"we can start selling products around the world."

What? More beans and corn? All the Chinese working class' "excess" disposable income is funding the US adventure in Central Asia. But if we could just get them to hanker after beans and corn.....


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