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Like Rats To The Lifeboats

By Al Schumann on Sunday August 8, 2010 09:31 AM

Orszag and now Romer. Anyone care to bet they wanted some distance from the bankster-hugging debacle of Obourbon's great cat food restoration? Reputations are commodities too, and even the most shameless technocrats get edgy when the scape goat trickle-up starts looking good in the throne room.

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a middle course between orszag and romer
antagonizing or frustrating both
larry seems to be consolidating his grip

Al Schumann:

There's an angle I hadn't considered: Larry making a play for exclusive access.


how close can they recreate japan before people need new passports?


It's been a while since Japan tried to conquer the world.


That's very unfair to Japan. Japan only tried to conquer the Pacific -- at most. It was the US that wanted to conquer the world, and is still working on it.

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