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A Cynical Ploy

By Al Schumann on Tuesday September 7, 2010 09:04 AM

In a move Democrats characterized as a cynical ploy, designed to siphon votes from Democrats, who are entitled to them, a Republican operative put homeless people on the Green Party ticket in the Arizona elections. "They're human beings," noted the bewildered operative. "They're really human..."

In a move Republicans characterized as a cynical ploy, the Democratic Party announced it would adopt the Green Party platform in order to counter the Republicans' cynical ploy. "We're entitled to those votes, and we'll have them, even if it entails adopting principles*."

In a move the Democratic and Republican parties characterized as a cynical ploy, the Green Party announced that it continues to welcome anyone who supports their platform, provided they actually support it. "We're entitled to a welcome," huffed a Democratic spokesman. "Exactly," added a Republican. "Be my brother. Or I'll kill you."

*Not really, no.

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Ralph the Spoiler comes to mind... the Donkle are entitled to every vote that doesn't come from a Registered Evil Rethuglican. If you're not registered as a GOP faithful, then your vote belongs to the Democrats, and anything else is just a cynical ploy.

Al Schumann:

They remind me of spoiled rotten college kids; morbidly self-involved, entitled and wedded to a procrustean social dichotomy that they excuse with crackpot realism.


inside DC city limits, the signs say

children playing
to the crowd

I not only read the Who Is IOZ post, but the NYT article it links to, and all I can think of to say is that it's priceless, man -- fucking priceless. I especially like where that Donkeycratic Party flunkie says that the homeless candidates don't "pass the smell test".

I also like a comment at Who Is IOZ by "davidly", who says:
In Lawrence Kasdan's version, May - lesson learned - becomes an Independent (notice the big I). In Clint Eastwood's he blows his brains out. My hypothetical is meant to postulate that the Elephant is the more honorable hypocrite, the Donkey the bigger corporate cum bag. You see, quite the reverse of the cliché.

Fuck Arizona. Onward to Persia!

Damn' straight, man. As I'm often fond of saying -- the GOP may be a bunch of scumbags, but at least they're honest about who they are. With the GOP, what you see is what you get. The Donkeycrats, however, have pretty much mastered the art of the Cynical Ploy™, culminating in the "election" of George W. Obama.

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