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Genesis XLI, all over again?

By Owen Paine on Saturday September 11, 2010 05:48 PM

Is it lean-kine time down here in Pharaoh Obama I's happy realm?

Ichabod Goolsby's Adam's apple...

... is replacing the sweet smile of Junoesque milkmaid Christy van Romer as the public face of Pharaoh's fifthwheel council of economic advisers.

Gee, they looked like almost a couple back at the barn dance last month.

Signs of conflict within?

I'd say prolly not. I tend to think they both were front-row fodder whenever the headless horseman galloped the night roads of Sleepy Wallow...

... to the spooky reverb'ed cry of "Porco...porco..porco!"

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One of your more redeeming dioramas.

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