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Le juste milieu

By Michael J. Smith on Wednesday September 22, 2010 11:28 PM

Twitter may be just the right medium for Pwogs: 140 characters can easily contain any cliche they may have rattling around in their heads.

Katrina van den Heuvel is apparently a devoted Tweetie-bird. Here's a recent sample:

How 2 channel anger + disspt into rebuilding -not destroying?question of our time.
The question of our time! Isn't she something, to squeeze a big gas-filled Hindenberg of a concept like that into a tweet?

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Repas du Midi:

Queue up Melissa.

Repas du Midi:

Cue up Melissa?

Only a philologist knows for sure.

Slight objection: the cliches molder in their heads. The trite sentiments rattle.

Al Schumann:

Twitter comps its celebrity tweeters with a free Nembutal prescription. It helps them hew to the the "character limit", in every sense of the phrase.

No, the question of our time is: Why hasn't van damn Heavel's career disappeared in a puff of banality?

There might be an opening at the Clinton Foundation.

lunch, your new handle is so froggy.

as to Madame le Nation, her air of pompous entitlement combined with her "exotic" name ensure that insecure proto-pwogs and learning libbies will forever find her valuable, so the only thing that will render her pointless in America is her death, and even then she may somehow be martyred by some Yglesias or Klein or Greenwald or other.

And let's not forget, there's always a period after the publication's title.

The Nation., period.


"Why hasn't van damn Heavel's career disappeared in a puff of banality? "

a lady put me on to this ... pwog-boy pant



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