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Summers is ygoing out, lhude sing Cucu

By Owen Paine on Wednesday September 22, 2010 03:56 PM

So Larry is leaving the ship in January.

Why announced now?

Could it be to lift at least one sorry incubus off the Donkle's back for election day? Rally the base with, like, hope, of like, a change?

And yet, how nice, anyway: the hog of Harvard Yard is returning to his ivy-twined trough. Who knows, who cares? It's all good -- so long as the Congress can be deadlocked through '12, and the GOP one way or other can be plausibly fingered for the sorry state of affairs.

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I'm a bit surprised by the way they've been doing this shuffle. I was expecting Geithner to leave before Romer or Summers.

Al Schumann:

I thought the same about Geithner. There's something that begs for a good hard push under the bus says "spend more time with his family". I doubt many people know or care about Summers. Could it be that Obama is too evil for him? That would be pretty rich.


one thing seems clear
this is not an opportunity for pwog entrism

the new heads at the WH
are likely to be small narrow
and into fudge packing type
fiscal wonkery

that appeals to ohbummer

he likes tight little asswipers
like timmy the romulan
i'm sure
far more then he admires
ole razor back larry S

"Could it be to lift at least one sorry incubus off the Donkle's back for election day? Rally the base with, like, hope, of like, a change? "

You would have to be one cynical son of a bitch to believe that... yep, yep.

And with all that hope and change floating about, just how could anyone be cynical in this time of Great Hope and Change?


In my own amateurish way I wondered if Larry had maybe seen the deluge coming and didn't want to be associated with it. After this November, it looks like the White House may be a very sad place to be. Maybe El Puerco is leaving himself some time to snuggle up to our next President, Sarah Palin. She'll no doubt want to "move to the center", as they say, after her election in '12, and how better than to wreathe yourself with Ivies?


Dems love anything to do with Clinton, especially when it comes to Thee Conomy, so I don't imagine Larry's departure will please them,(not that most O-bombists know who he is) but I'm sure he'll find a better paying job, what with the latest additions to his resume.


i suspect i don't agree with your line
but maybe i just misconstrue it

dems ...what dems ??
the pros the mangers
how did hillary take that fall ??

i submit larry proved
there was no hope and change
in hope and change
and since H and C
was for a certain sort of dem
the dream reason to dump hill

larry gone if anything
might rekindle that dream
in a few gentle decent well meaning suckers

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