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Base, and base-less

By Michael J. Smith on Thursday October 28, 2010 09:54 AM

From The Note:

The Times/CBS News poll carried grim news for the Democrats: "Republicans have wiped out the advantage held by Democrats in recent election cycles among women, Roman Catholics, less affluent Americans and independents. All of those groups broke for Mr. Obama in 2008 and for Congressional Democrats when they grabbed both chambers from the Republicans four years ago, according to exit polls. ... The poll provides a pre-Election Day glimpse of a nation so politically disquieted and disappointed in its current trajectory that 57 percent of the registered voters surveyed said they were more willing to take a chance this year on a candidate with little previous political experience. More than a quarter of them said they were even willing to back a candidate who holds some views that 'seem extreme.'" http://nyti.ms/967KJ4
The Usual Victims are catching on. And "extreme" views! Oh my stars!

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sam webb's 'two visions '

"One vision - the vision of labor, minorities, women, youth and other social groups and movements - believes in an America that raises living standards and guarantees jobs at livable wages, expands opportunities and rights to the disenfranchised, alienated and marginalized, embeds human equality and diversity into the social fabric, and seeks peace through mutual understanding and cooperation, establishes robust regulation of the economy and democratic public and cooperative ownership when necessary, aggressively addresses global warming and environmental degradation, respects all forms of life on our planet, and embraces the cultures and peoples of other lands."

they oughta vote Democratic

"The other vision - that of right-wing extremism, the tea party, sections of corporate capital, groupings of medium and small businesses, and their grassroots constituency - is exclusionary, fears outsiders, worships a dog-eat-dog unregulated capitalism, insists on global dominance, subordinates people of color and women, turns same-sex relationships into a sin and psychological disorder, blames the poor for poverty, possesses a strong anti-Semitic strain, poisons the environment, and cynically manipulates our nation's most noble freedom moments and traditions"

they oughta vote Republican

its so simple really

the image i get is two sets of zombies
not all zombies mind you some seem to not heed the call

one group has on red t shirts clumsily
and hastely pulled over their
rag remnants of a bygone walk of life

and the other in blue t shirts
similarly pulled over tattered
all smybiotics of lost era

they are trooping to ballot boxes
and though slow and dull
quite orderly
like borgs unaware
of any near by entities identity
whether blue or red

rubber stamp voters all
with stamps in hand

frozen in time
each one or other
ready to stamp their rubbery frame
to a sacred ballot

trapped in a bi branded irreality

two stamps fit all

the rest are worse then rubber stamps
their free bird zombies
going about their going about

as if nothing could change anyway
even as it changes constantly


"The Usual Victims are catching on"

yes in a symtomatic sense
but the iconic move
is clearly
as this site headlines

not going to the ballot box

its self organizing and fighting back


the rest are worse then rubber stamps
their free bird zombies
going about their going about

This is some great stuff, op, but could you clarify who the free bird zombies are exactly on the political spectrum and also where you place yourself and cohorts here?


Since OP-san did not rise to issue a proclamation regarding the "cohorts" here, let me state that there are absolutely no "cohorts" here. There's some religious guy running the show here who runs a Ricahrd Nixon night at the club and can't stand Richard Dawkins - no, wait, he's not that kind of "religious," but loves a good cathedral or three, there's a lot of liberal-bashing, not all by expat retired admiral types, there used to be some fine kerfuffles that made this country great (Wingo!), but it's got a Nadery-Hedges whiff still about it - what the hell, it's one watering hole among just about none out here in the prairie.
I hope that helps with the free-bird zombie hepcat reference, Miguel.



i could hardly have your highly acute perspective on the site

bravo mate


I hope that helps with the free-bird zombie hepcat reference, Miguel.

Actually I'm still confused but no longer curious. For a group without cohorts you sure do like you some secret treehouse codes.

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