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Decency Today

By Al Schumann on Sunday October 3, 2010 04:40 PM

There's nothing quite like the moral seriousness of the Decent Left. They have an administration that's completely uninterested in addressing their concerns. The Obama regime has made that disinterest clear, time and again. Obama and his flunkies berate and ridicule them, and of course the regime continues to pursue policies guaranteed to make it impossible to remediate actual, really existing problems.

So what does Decency do? Needless to say, they do the most useless thing possible. They tune in to the wingnut dog whistle and stage themselves a Condemn-a-thon, with a funny video as the target of their outrage. The wingnuts respond with the usual, their special blend of hysterics and sanctimony. This inflames the Decent Left so much, and to such a fever pitch, that they feel forced to accuse the wingnuts of hypocrisy.

This is why I pray, every night, that nothing I do ever becomes popular with the Decents. I have enough problems without adding the grim, dragging weight of their moral seriousness.

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"They tune in to the wingnut dog whistle and stage themselves a Condemn-a-thon, with a funny video as the target of their outrage"

You've touched upon one of the things I most despise about progressives. They do this sort of thing to prove to themselves and others their purity and moral superiority.

They make me want to puke.

This was worth breaking through the fog of migraine to thumbs up.

The more human, less civilized factions of my memory want the whole thing to come to a head - to have the morally vacant go to war with the ethically vacuous.

Christo-fascists blooding it out in the streets with industrial liberals.

Al Schumann:

Drunk Pundit,

Yeah, the high dudgeon is truly sick-making, toxic, and a fixed feature of authoritarian cultures. It crushes humane desires and turns them into a competition for meaningless points in a worthless status game.


My sympathy, and I know the feeling of wanting to see it come to its logical conclusion. It's an article of my faith, and only faith, nothing with substance, that there's something good buried in them.

@Drunken Pundit, 7:57pm:

They make you want to puke, huh? Well, I can top that. They make me want to puke so I can scrape it up, eat it, and puke again.

Augghh. I detest "decency" almost as much as I detest "civility".


"What makes it so depressing
is that it’s the precise opposite
of what the people organizing around the world for October 10 are all about."

which is ....???

be as
"... responsible
as it’s possible to be ..."


"...spend the day
putting up windmills and solar panels,
laying out bike paths
and digging community gardens."

what.....no golfing ???


Methinks Bill McKibben's hearing apparatus is keenly tuned to the dog whistle, although when it makes a noise he mistakenly thinks he's picking up a signal from another typhoon drenching the Ganges delta, or a call from Yes! magazine customer service, informing him his subscription is about to expire.

Al Schumann:

gluelicker, that's a perfect description of late stage skittishness. The more tightly wound, high brain power do-gooders are frantic over proprieties. When the panic strikes, their sense of proportion goes out the window. There's no weight or balance anymore.

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