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O'Bomber's Vanity War

By Al Schumann on Friday October 1, 2010 05:31 AM

Do you all follow the reports of incursions into Pakistan? From the latest, it looks like O'Bomber has decided that destabilizing the entire region is a splendid idea. If he called a colloquium of certifiably insane think tank intellectuals and asked them what to do, his present plan would be sure to come up in the top ten suggestions.

I'm not sure he has any idea what's at stake there; he's too self-involved. His imperial focus is always on finding patsies and trying to trick them into taking the fall for whatever is polling badly. Mere facts and horrific consequences are for the little people.

I can easily see some hapless foreign policy careerist trying salvage the shreds of self-respect by giving him a real, serious briefing on Pakistan's nuclear weapons. While he's doing that, O'Bomber keeps asking those stupid corporate responsibility-shucking questions.

"So what you're really saying is..."
"In other words, what you're leading up to is..."
"So if I understand correctly, what you're suggesting is..."

He's supposed to be the leader of the Smart Party. But he's managed to make the Chimperor look like a strategic genius in comparison.

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Yesterday my boss used the term "rightsizing" which I'm assuming is an even more sexed-up way of saying "downsizing." I can't help but think terms like this are used in these types of meetings.

DEVO's "Smart Patrol" is theme music for this entry.


I do not understand the American fondness for warfare. We have not won a war since WW2, and 'we' only won [?] that one as a result of the involvement of tiny, minor, inconsequential allies like China and Russia. So, it is not as though these wars actually benefit anyone outside the 'defense contractor' and 'psychotic bloodthirsty soldier' demographic. We are some really, really, really stupid people.

Michael Hureaux:

"Yes, war is terrible. Terribly profitable."---Lenin

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