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What you mean 'we', paleface?

By Michael J. Smith on Tuesday October 19, 2010 09:17 PM

Have I mentioned that I'm on the DSCC's mailing list? It's become increasingly frantic of late. Two or three times a day I get a desperate appeal for money from these whores -- and don't even have a BJ to show for it.

The latest one amused me. This is faithfully reproduced, every jot and tittle and uppercase and lowercase:

breaking: brand new poll out of PA has Sestak ahead 46-45, erasing a 9 point deficit a few weeks ago. You gave, ads went up, and now he's surging at just the right time – 14 days out.

Latest polls show there are 9 races within 2 percentage points – dead heats. PA, WA, CT and IL prove we can pull ahead when we have enough resources. But time is running out.

I just told J.B. that we need $66K by midnight tonight. That means we need 1,100 people to help, now. Tomorrow might be too late.

Can you give ten bucks? Whatever you give will be matched.

We can win this.

This is really a fanbase communication, isn't it? Who the hell is J.B.? We're breathless to hear poll results from someplace called PA -- and desperate to see that somebody named Sestak might be drawing even with his nameless twin on the other side of the duopoly. And it's all so urgent we can't be bothered with pronouns or the shift key.

(As it happens, I know who Sestak is; he once made my flesh creep.)

Really, it makes me want to find out who Sestak's opponent is and send him ten bucks, just to make J.B.'s head explode.

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This "PA" is the place you fancy cityboys usually refer to here on your blog as "East Bumfuck." (And rightly so! It is! At least the Klan-infested part I live in!)

This "Sestak" is the one with the campaign commercial that starts out: "[Name of Other Candidate] wants to create jobs... FOR THE CHINESE!!!" [*GONG*]



Sorry, Emma. Dumb little joke on my part. I actually know where PA is. Been there, in fact, quite often. What tickled my fancy was the insiderish shorthand.

Now here's the real question: who's J.B.?


Wiki article on DSCC:
"The DSCC's current Executive Director is J.B. Pörsch."



What has happened to the Crow's Eye? Invited readers only? Such exclusivity should knock it off the SMBIVA blog roll.


"John Boehner"? Maybe he sees life from both sides, now.

(Really, it's okay; I actually grew up in South Bumfuck near the railroad tracks, so moving here when I was a kid was quite a shock. Also, I cannot imagine with what pitchfork-wielding ire my neighbors would greet the arrival of protestors from NYC who wished to tell us where to build our 9/11 Muslin Viktry Mosks, so the name-calling was richly deserved.)

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