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Whew. Just another deluge after all.

By Michael J. Smith on Tuesday October 26, 2010 12:51 PM

From The Note:

CRESTED WAVE? Nevada’s Sharron Angle, Kentucky’s Rand Paul and Alaska’s Joe Miller, among others, may eventually prevail, but right now all three contests look tight. It may be all be part of a wave that “seems to have crested,” according to political odds-maker Charlie Cook. “This is approximately where the 1994 election was -- something in the range of eight Senate seats, 52 House seats,” Cook told the Washington Post’s Michael Gerson. “A month ago, there was a chance it could have gone from gigantic to titanic. But the possibility of Republican House gains in the 60s or 70s has declined in the last month.” http://wapo.st/dDosy8
Merely another '94? The feeling seems to be growing among the Democrats that they dodged a bullet here. Yes, they'll be the minority party again, and yes, a few relatively junior elected officials may have to take shelter for a while in the private sector or a foundation. But on the other hand, nobody expects anything of you when you're in the minority, and the top Party dogs will continue sucking the public teat and pissing in the public face.

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Wow, that's some mighty serious thumb-sucking there in The Note.

This can only mean one thing: It's popcorn time.

Prophecy: Should the Most Holy and Apostolic Democratic Party lose one or both houses there will be a such a hue and cry from the pwog blogs as will heard from Amazon.com to Zazzle.com. But on the Townhoser list serv there will be quite sighs of blessed relief at the regaining of the demotard's best excuse for doing fuck/all. (Okay, I know it's not much of a prophecy. But then, it's not much of an election either.)

The post-perjury, AFDC-to-TANF years were indeed a Golden Age for Dimbots and Dimbot bloggers.

I'm with MJS: These fuckers are smiling.

Peter Ward:

I think being a permanent minority party is the natural role for the Democrats in the Order of Things. Actually being in power is awkward and the Republicans seem a lot more comfortable making fools out of themselves, if it comes to it.

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