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Filibuster bronco buster?

By Owen Paine on Thursday November 18, 2010 03:09 PM

From the national Washpost on the future of the filibuster:

"...A proposal by Tom Udall would grant the Senate majority party the option of changing any procedural rule, including the filibuster, by a simple majority vote at the beginning of each Congress."
Sound sensible? Hold your applause:
"...A milder version advanced by Mark Udall... would restrict the use of the filibuster by the minority party, while limiting the majority's control over minority amendments."
Dueling Udalls? Oughta be fun watching the boys and girls bat around the ole wiffle ball on this one. Will it morph into a session of bipartisan Twister?

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Where is our Tiririca? The Senate is his natural home.


what ??

u touch holes got no innnerest in the fili ???

a great great institution of our
constipated general will democracy

maybe the present Demolump senate prospects
-- '12 minority status--
might over come the
hallowed institutions self perpetuated legacy of
peculiar obstruction

Op-san, personally speaking, I find it next to impossible that the Dims could or would achieve that. Assume that's why they're leaving it to the Udalls.

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