Enter the dragon! -- or no, never mind

By Owen Paine on Saturday November 20, 2010 09:00 PM

The red bamboo network strikes:

"China's state-owned China Telecommunications... redirected... tens of thousands of networks around the world, thousands of them in the US... to IDC China Telecommunication. Major providers were affected, including AT&T, Level3, Deutsche Telekom, Qwest Communications and Telefonica."
A dry run for MNC judgement day, Big Red Han style? Nope. Read the column and weep. Upshot: just one of those things, one of those crazy hazy amazy things, that done got nobody's master stroke behind it at all. "Stuff like this happens," and even worse, "the problem was fixed in 18 minutes."

Nice footnote:

"Security firms always being happy to overstate a threat, McAfee pushed a hysterical analysis of this incident to the press, which played up every theoretical possibility, however remote. The result was a series of hysterical articles...."

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Nice to see a swipe at McAffee. They are really swine.

I'm sorry, Paine, but when I see news like this coming out of China, and the representative flacks are saying shit like "move on, nothing to see here", my first thought is that the goddamn' Chinese are up to some shit.

Between the tainted smelly drywall, and the tainted paint on toys -- and, adding insult to injury, not giving a shit if they kill my cat with tainted cat food -- I wouldn't put it past the Chinese to be tuning up for some serious fucking around with Teh Intertubeweb.

And btw, Smiff, right on about McAfee. As I recall, they led the scaremongering about the "Michelangelo" virus and the original "Internet Worm". They've been swine since '89.


"swine since '89."

nice line

swine since '69

pretty nicely describes
my whole joe and jane
"god damn college kids " of a generation

Figures that ol Fluggie hates China...par for the course.

He thinks it's "China," just like he he thinks it's the spontaneous "yous" he stuffs down his pipes, as he awaits Mexican comfort and laughing.

So many things to be hysterical about and so little time.

How can I ever be as properly hysterical about everything I should be when they keep switching the hysteria causing events so quickly? Makes me tired.


you know I'd kind of like to get a different perspective on this. hey NSA are you listening? what do you guys think about reactionaries capturing Internet traffic?

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