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Not a losing situation

By Al Schumann on Sunday November 28, 2010 09:49 PM

If Irksome Bowels and Galvanic Simpleton, the cat food commissioners, manage to give Obama cover for the next looting spree, the electoral losses are not going to bother anyone who matters to the party core. Why on earth would they care? Things are going swimmingly. A disciplined and reduced party is much easier to manage. The big shots safely parachute out in ones and twos, to applause and fat rewards. The next tier is free to line up whatever lesser sinecures they can find. The hand-over to the Republicans proceeds with theatrical gnashing of teeth and wailing, and nothing else. Except, of course, the harm to everyone who doesn't matter.

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"The message of the midterm election is that the American people are fed up with Washington elites who don’t seem to listen."

Really? Is that the "message"?

"Despite the clear view of the American people, the elites in Washington seem to think it would be better to reduce benefits than to require the wealthy to pay the same percentage of their salaries into Social Security as everyone else does."

The American People have a "clear view"? I'd have never thunk it.

"If politicians choose to cut Social Security benefits, when they could simply scrap the cap, we predict that this midterm will seem like a walk in the park compared to what awaits them in 2012."

I wouldn't be so sure about that. The Almighty Supreme Court of These United States has declared that corporations are people and money is speach.

When things that are not people become people and things that are not speech become speech we have gone through the looking glass, where the faster you run the slower you go and the cheshire cat smiles only at the folly of you believing otherwise.

Things will get worse before they get better.

Al Schumann:

That walk in the park is what really got me. That's literally the extent of the consequences. After a satisfying stint in the cat food crusade, they might feel as though they'd taken a walk in the park.

"That walk in the park is what really got me. That's literally the extent of the consequences."

I'm laughing as I read that Al. It's a grim laugh, the laugh of one who surveys the damage and sees some morbid humor in the destruction that has been done. That's all that's left to me.

I'm not proud of laughing about it, but it's all I got.

I'm drunk, so don't mind me.

I dunno, it could get rough. Digby might write a sternly worded blog post. Look out!

Al Schumann:

Digby's writing makes for a good field study in the overlap between gullibility and cynicism. Both are incapacitating on the individual and group levels. Both work strongly against anything aimed at materially beneficial progress. But the combination, in a toxic context, is a virtue and a valuable tar baby weapon against informed skepticism. It's the passive aggressive version of the right wing court intellectuals' appetite for enraged barn burning.

In the toxic context, it makes the party faithful look sinister when they get upset about the Democrats' aversion to efficacy. There's little that could be further from the truth. They love their efficacy, they have it and their need for it must be fed.

Milton Marx:

I’m sick of the voters and I’m sick of the non-voters. They don’t deserve better than cat food. Blame The Man, or The System, or The Empire, or The Money, or whatever. I’m sick of all of it. If people make a loud-enough noise, they can get stuff. They can even get justice. Problem is, people keep making a loud noise…to have stuff taken away from them. I can’t take it anymore. Bring on the Purina.

I’m sick of the voters and I’m sick of the non-voters.
Well, that's comprehensive.

"If people make a loud-enough noise, they can get stuff."

That is similar to "if you live long enough you will die of cancer of the hangnail." Too true to be useful or even meaningful.

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