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Your Weltanschauung Sucks

By Al Schumann on Tuesday November 23, 2010 06:12 AM

This is less a (well deserved) attack on Democrats than a personal gripe, and it concerns the vicious liberal assaults on "Small Is Beautiful". Small isn't necessarily beautiful, but big and medium are certainly no better than they ought to be, the slinking gigolos, and some of us have had to make a virtue of necessity when it comes to circumscribed outlooks.

I've found it wise to to have a reasonably good understanding of a smaller picture and my personal limits. The only political thing I have that scales up perfectly is a salutary aversion to Democrats (and Republicans, but that goes without saying).


I'm sorry I don't have the ultimate coherent super master plan for the salvation and renewal of the country. Mea maxima fucking culpa. For this failure, I offer my sincere apologies to the purple assed baboons who can handle the Big Picture. I am humbled by the immensity of their brains, and even more humbled by the huge vats in which they keep them.

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Why save and renew any national construct, Al?

Al Schumann:

There's that too. I can wrap my head around a two to five mile radius from where I park my own purple ass. That's about it. I have no shortage of opinions regarding the rest, but nothing in the way of a solution that I'd actually be able to lend my labor on any regular, meaningful basis.

At a distance, I can interact meaningfully with no more than two dozen people. I simply can't do justice to any larger number. It's better to keep to a dozen or less.

"Whutarewegonnadooooo?" is the mating call of the North American Yellow-Backed Pwogsucker. It's chief characteristics are it's bright yellow back stripe, a useless appendage called a 'vote' that it sheds every two years, and a complete incapacity for self direction.

Awww, c'mon Al. Everyone knows if you don't have a Master Plan for Saving the Universe, you have no room to examine any aspect of the Universe. That's a clear rule, no fuzzy edges to it. No loopholes.

No Master Plan? Then no credence, no audience.

Pretty simple really.

I can dig it. Clearly, if I haven't been to medical school, I have no right to trim my own fingernails, or dress my own wounds. Plainly, if I'm not a lawyer, I have no basis from which to protest invasions of my right to privacy or my victimization-via-contractual theft when I find out Rent-A-Center has charged me 3x the MSRP on the item I've been "renting", and yet it still doesn't belong to me.

Clearly, the only ones who can talk about the problems are those who are Architects of Master Plans for The Universe.



"It's better to keep to a dozen or less"

jury units Al
count in jury units
scale up potential
for collective decisions ??
compile the relevent citizenry
into one or other node
in a network of inter connected
randomly selected jury panels

Al Schumann:

I'd like to have a master plan, quite seriously, and I do entertain dreams that my meagre, localist efforts can help something like that along. At the same time, there's no doubt in my mind that everything I try to do, over years, can be completely undone in five minutes of one K Street session. They wouldn't even notice the bump as I was squished. A national solution, or even a national obstacle to being squished, is therefore very tempting. There's no basis for it, but I still want to think about it and talk about it from time to time.



gallops thru quite a bramble there

totalizing the anti totalization

the sarcastic baritone
of the satiric sum up is a delight:

" Clearly, the only ones who can talk about the problems are those who are Architects of Master Plans for The Universe.


the added
indicates a keen sense of deliberate pacing and the beauty of the occasional
emphatically spaced repetition

Al Schumann:

Owen, I may be a crackpot on this, but I think it's possible to coherent units of a hundred souls, give or take a few dozen. I'm no expert on cognition, but I do know it's possible to have a fair understanding of that many. There are things that need scale. It's desirable. How to coordinate is another matter, but that's going to be an emergent thing anyway. I'm mindful, while thinking about it, that redundancy and things beyond subsistence are good cushions for vicissitudes.


100 is about 8 jury units 96 souls

i can see that and dig it too

7 rotating radial jury spots
and one jury each cycle
randomly selected from the radial spots to be a coordinating center spot
opening the radial spot
for the old nth center jury to occupy
one radial shift then follows
after which cycle n + 1 begins

Al Schumann:

That'd keep tyranny down. The level of collusion needed for viciousness would be next to impossible. A super majority would have to cooperate, as well as make sure that they, the fuckers, didn't become the fuckees. The path of least resistance remains cooperation.

Well let me swoop in and ass things up as is my wont.

"I'm sorry I don't have the ultimate coherent super master plan for the salvation and renewal of the country"

Why be sorry for that which is impossible? I know you were being more than a bit facetious but the liberals you are so suspicious are quite given to such things and that is why you and I are quite reasonably suspicious of them.

Any person that comes up with a plan to save humanity is dangerous. Humanity won't save itself with master plans but through cultural and biological evolution. The brilliant thing about humans is that we are capable of rapid cultural evolution which can bring about the changes in our behaviors necessary for us to survive rapidly changing conditions. But cultural evolution is one of the most grassiest of grassy roots things. There will be no master plan and in fact master plans will tend to fuck things up and interfere with the cultural changes required to actually deal with our problems as a species.

To put a different spin on an old jingle: "Think locally, act locally and the global problems will take care of themselves because they're beyond human capacity to manage anyway."

Al Schumann:

I don't want to be a quibbler, but it's "Drink locally, think locally, etc." Otherwise, yes.

"I don't want to be a quibbler, but it's "Drink locally, think locally, etc." Otherwise, yes"

Yes, of course... an obvious oversight on my part, thanks for the correction!


hahaha distance. hahaha time.


hahaha # of people, what are stereotypes for, not for strobe-lit movies of nudie horses, no.

For some odd reason, TRNN just reran an old Brezynski interview in which he said America needs to rule the world in order to prevent anarchy. I'm not sure why, but the image that came to mind was from the sixties, when my friends and I were sitting in the park sharing a spliff across from the courthouse as a moving van of riot cops deployed behind us.


drink local
has a certain cache
the broader imperative to eat local lacks
and yet booze hard spirited booze
is a better global export "crop"
then its natural makings :

concentrated ...long storage life
easily transportable
far far higher market value

of course information
is the ultimate
export product
since it costs next to nothing at the margin and yet
behold our corporate glory holing
just exactly here

the glass tower suits
are locking it all up
or at least toll gating the crap out of it
as fast and furiously
as a way can be
technically fashioned
to get profitably paid
which brings up
the obvious follow on
when it comes to rationality
think local may not be as kool as
our dear stirner gangers
the oxycrowtons might lustily suggest

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