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Before Yggie There Was Iggy

By Al Schumann on Wednesday December 8, 2010 09:39 PM


If you read a lot of blogs, you're likely to have come across a comment spammer called Coach Outlet Online. Rumor has it that Coach is actually Michael Ignatieff, cruise missile liberal, former Harvard professor in the cruise missile liberalism department and currently leader of Canada's Liberal Party, a position he uses to promote cruise missile liberalism.

One might easily assume he's a single issue kind of guy. But he's not. As the picture demonstrates, he likes to lecture people while grasping a pair of imaginary underpants. No one knows why he does it. He just does it, randomly, and gets upset when people fail to understand. The Liberal Party elevated him to the leadership because they were afraid of alienating people who support Stephen Harper, leader of the Seal Clubbing Party.

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Those are the emperor's new underpants. I would recognize them anywhere.

Al Schumann:

Iggy is sporting the Comprador Classic Fit edition of the Emperor line. He acquired them at Harvard, where his colleague, Ricardo Hausmann, poisons the minds of people who need credentials for their careers in the poisoning sector.

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