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It's quite simple, really

By Michael J. Smith on Friday December 3, 2010 05:55 PM

Here's Alternet's long-simmered reduction of the Wikileaks broth:

The only question that should be asked is: did the release of “cablegate” break the law?
Well, that certainly does away with a good many perplexities.

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I just realized that that picture of Mortimer Snerd looks a lot like me. I have exactly the same tweed jacket and frequently wear a very similar bow tie, and I also have a straw hat, though it's not quite such an echt straw hat as Mortie's. But if I had Mortie's I'm quite sure I would wear it. My godfather, back in the day, had one just like it.

Oh, and I have a bad haircut, too.


since father s has revealed his real look

here's as close as hollywood ever came to me


and of course hollywoods moray Al


Paul Alexander:

Mr. Smith, I for one would like to thank you for subjecting yourself to Alternet so that I don't have too.

Funny how he doesn't continue the thought on through to it's logical conclusion: if Assange or his accomplices broke the law, it follows that he - and those who assist him or continue the work - must be punished.

Odd ellipsis, that.

It's all good - the Swedes will do the dirty work before Assange is handed over to Holder.

The nice thing about that quote is that it's so broadly applicable. Why, that's the only question that should be asked about anything!

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