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Fav'rite of the honkeys, buried with a donkey?

By Owen Paine on Wednesday January 26, 2011 09:59 PM

Is the contagion spreading?

Thousands of Egyptian protesters inspired by the revolt in Tunisia clashed with police in the largest anti-government demonstrations in years, flying banners and decrying political repression, corruption and unemployment under the three-decade rule of President Hosni Mubarak.
For decades now Mubarak has been referred to derisively by just about everybody in the Middle East as "la vache qui rit" because of his remarkable resemblance to a well-known trademark:

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He's not laughing now!


lovely photo art perry
the ball of cheese has a childish appeal
the president for life...doesn't



US fed govt was more controlled than controlling prior to and after '53 -- 'seven sisters'type arrangement began during 1920s....or look at post-wwii justice dept ineffectiveness vs intl oil.
see,e.g., Documents on the International Energy System:
or oxford institute for energy studies..www.oxfordenergy.org

short form - from mid 19th c. the industry moved from competetive to national monopoly to intl cartel to opec cartel to futures mkt centered pricing which began masmenos 1986.

Aside from above, hard to believe that the national endowment for democracy [ned--Created jointly by Republicans and Democrats, NED is governed by a board balanced between both parties and enjoys Congressional support across the political spectrum] has not been involved.

'where we work, - http://www.ned.org/where-we-work/middle-east-and-northern-


sorry, attached xomment to wrong post/


" to futures mkt centered pricing which began masmenos 1986."

its this system that has fairly well
concealed itself from MSM inc's scrutiny

opec carries the water still
and i'd love to see u write up the real blue print for us here
---contact mjs ---

i note liberal gadfly paul krugman
called the last spec spiral "demand pull"
not opec but chindian hog slops


does this help ?

"From a Libertarian Communist perspective, the workers of the world havestill a long, long way to travel, through repression, military coups,betrayal of their unions, military clampdown, corrupt politicians,agents provocateurs, social democracy, media control, state bureaucrats,religious divides, linguistic barriers, before the working class can atlast be freed of bosses and render Capitalism superfluous.The hydra keeps rearing its ugly head, and the only weapon at theworking class's disposal is solidarity.Capitalism thrives on our divisions and we, as a class, are forced to seek the "lesser evil" of corrupt Social Democracy politicians."

but factish tidbits like this
which followed swiftly after the above
by contrast
i'm sure
does help:

" I've just learned that many of the components of my computer were built in China by the infamous Foxconn company in a factory where 23% of the workforce had experienced "swooning and collapse due to fatigue", where workers who misfitted an electronic component were forced to write out a thousand times "I will not be careless", where "chatting or laughing on the assembly line is forbidden", where "toilet breaks may not exceed 10 minutes".

scrupples for pink pupils

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