Okay, BE evil. Like I care, Mister Big Shot.

By Michael J. Smith on Thursday January 20, 2011 12:13 AM

Ugh. Enough said, surely?

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Lajany Otum:

Geez, use Scroogle scraper for searches rather than google:



Also just noticed this scroogle, er, cartoon which might resonate with some people here: http://www.scroogle.org/gifs/dowavg.gif

Christopher M:

My first thoughts on seeing that were, "What are they celebrating now? It's way too early to be the Bay of Pigs..."

I like how a commemoration of Kennedy naturally focuses on shit that he said rather than shit that he actually did. For liberals, it matters more that a few lines, taken out of context in the middle of an otherwise terrifyingly militarist and imperialist address, have a pretty sound to them, than it does that the man who spoke them nearly eradicated multicellular life.


A gift for MJS in honor of 'Kennedy speaks' day:


Sir Simon tosses a bouquet to Deutsche Bank....

Google is having a contest in which you can submit your kids' drawings to serve as their logo for a day.

Another reason to be glad that I never spawned. :/


I've never understood why I was supposed to be impressed by "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country," anyway, because UGH CHRIST

Also, fuck word clouds.


Christopher: It seems that "the man who spoke them" DID "eradicate multicellular life," if I may generously estimate the brain capacity of your average liberal...

Christopher M:

Ethan: That was always a head-scratcher for me, too - I mean, what is my country for if it's not actually doing something for the people who live in it? But "ask not..." has a nicer ring to it than "quit your bitching and give us money and cannon fodder," and all your average liberal really wants is a thug with stage presence.

Wasn't telling people not to ask for anything from "their" country directed rather pointedly as a certain separate but equal group? Who else was going to asking for anything new and unusual in 1961?

Meanwhile, fwiw, here's some new stuff from another massive over-rated Irishman:



none of u can do jfk justice

i've spent an adult lieftime mulling the mattress jack record
and long ago concluded
t'ain't worth pointing out
its accurate contours anymore

we have living icons
far better to "clasticate "

focus on the main enemy at all times eh ??

only solice to jfk loathing
butt soar pwogs

he is today
still more popular
with the american people
then ...
living saddle whore
billy Clipton
that other dead patriot potus
float balloon

ronnie rouge cheeks


these totems are harmless

hell i still fancy fdr
blow off the froth
and is there a dimes worth of difference
if invoked now to war with the present sky gods ??

fdr ..jfk ...really ??

nope we are alone isolates of our time and place
the powers of darkness
as alfa 60 sez

there is no past
there is no future
only the present


Jesus Christ is also a harmless totem, eh? As OP might say.

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