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Fizzle, or fusillade, or....

By Michael J. Smith on Monday February 21, 2011 09:56 PM

Conscript troops is Egypt didn't fire on Egyptians. Mercenary troops in Libya seem to have had no such qualms. What will mercenary cops in Wisconsin do to Wisconsin teachers, if the Wisconsin teachers keep up the pressure?

I'm not a big cop fan, but the outcome doesn't seem like a foregone conclusion, either way. Much reason to fear, some reason to hope.

I'm also not a big teacher fan. But this is a case where the teachers aren't claiming expertise, or authority. What they're demanding is quite simply what labor has always demanded -- in the steel mills or the stockyards or the car plant.

The more teachers think of themselves as mere labor, the more I'm with 'em. The Wisconsin teachers seem to have made the connection. As Dr Johnson observed, the prospect of being hanged tomorrow morning concentrates a man's mind wonderfully.

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Dusty Old Nonny:

"Depend upon it, sir, when a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully."


The last man to be hanged for forgery at Tyburn.

They need to make this connection as well(of course, singing to the choir here):


I love DON's handle.

...and I like this post Fr Smith.

The more teachers think of themselves as mere labor, the more I'm with 'em.

High time to string the hemp on the lampposts. Makes a fine necktie.

(let's have more, but hold the micro-econ, please)


I'm not following this, but as I understand it, it's not the cops who are the threat here, it's the private sector workers who resent the better conditions of public sectors workers. This is the basic social schism in America now, the battle between right and left (er, center), the tipping point between real social change and reaction.


I submit it's better to think resentment neutralizes certain job class mcshitniks
The state's legalized goons are the tool of free range privateering itself

Btw the national guard bit was to do the jobs of the strikers not bayonet their pickets

This elected operatives of
The movement to free amerika from the grip of public union hacks
Still have a way to go in inciting popular outrage before they
Push the buttons used by the Algerian generals
let alone
The oil princes royal rooters with rifles

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