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If Egyptians were Democrats...

By Michael J. Smith on Friday February 25, 2011 05:48 PM

Nice item from an occasional participant here:

If the Egyptian protesters were Democrats, they would have accepted Mubarak’s proposed reforms—not because those reforms were good, but because Democrats are accustomed to settling for empty rhetoric. They would have accepted Mubarak’s handpicked successor, the infamous torturer Omar Suleiman—not because they like him, but because he would presumably be less evil than his predecessor. They would have accepted the inevitability of defeat—not because they wanted to lose, but because losing would be both pragmatic and realistic. The actual Egyptian protesters, however, would only accept freedom.

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What did Democrats do to deserve this flattery? If they'd been in that country, they'd have stayed home and watched "Egyptian Idol," and called to complain when the channel went dead.

This guy knows democrats.

I saw this one last week, and used it as a sort of a tagline for the blog entry accompanying this cartoon. One of the most straight-to-the-point, simple and elegant analyses of the Democratic Party I'd ever seen.

I made the mistake of passing this link along to my wife, who responded by raising her GWU PoliSci degree-packing hackles and telling me what a simplistic and "juvenile" analysis it was. Amazingly, she seemingly failed to notice that its author was an Arab American, a university English professor and author of several books on things like anti-Arab racism in the USA and "the poverty of Liberal thought", and was also at least partially writing from the perspective of someone from outside the USA.

Perhaps it cut her a little too deeply; she's only recently stopped telling the story of all the black Washingtonians she saw the morning after the election lining up outside the Safeway waiting for that morning's Washington Post to show up with the news about the First Black President™, and has only recently quit bragging about how she did what basically amounted to cold-call telemarketing for the Democrats on election day.

I often wonder if she's exactly the kind of person who the band Against Me! sings about in "Baby, I'm An Anarchist":

...eating the peanuts
that the parties have tossed you
in the back seat
of your father's new Ford
you believe in the ballot,
Believe in reform.

You have faith in
the elephant and jackass,
And to you,
solidarity's a four-letter word...!

Lajany Otum:

Breaking News: Study reveals that Sheep not as stupid as Democrats

Posted by Lajany Otum | February 26, 2011 1:07 AM

Lajany Otum:

Breaking News: Study reveals that Sheep not as stupid as Democrats


New research reveals that sheep were not as stupid as thought so far. Dr. Laura Avanzo and Jeniffer Dr. Morton from the University of Cambridge say that a sheep is quite intelligent and can make an independent decision.

“Sheep live in a collection and they sometimes look stupid. But when you see it as an individual, they can apply in a different way,” said Dr Morton.

Dr Avanzo and Dr Morton said, this is similar to humans where they can behave differently when they are in a herd and in a state of their own.

This finding occurred by chance alone, when researchers want to conduct research on Huntington’s disease, namely congenital disease that causes people to become senile or dementia.

In their study, seven Ovis Aries type ewes are included in a series of tests. They are faced with a different colored pair of dining, one of which is filled with food.

Then they faced a couple of places to eat that with a different color pattern. However, it managed to learn new patterns.

According to analysts, normally only humans and other primates can respond to these changes with ease. Most large animals fight to do that. Because it involves parts of the brain called the prefrontal cortex.

In addition, researchers also found that sheep could actually pass a psychological test that usually fails to be passed by the monkeys.

Sheep also have a very sharp memory. it was remembering it friends over the last two years. They can remember the face of other sheep, as well as human faces, even able to recognize it through the pictures in the photo. Therefore, researchers are now no longer underestimate the intelligence of a sheep.

"In addition, researchers also found that sheep could actually pass a psychological test that usually fails to be passed by the monkeys."

That is excellent. Having made his way through almost a fifth of some fine Irish whiskey on the day this monkey would fail just about any test given him. But I'm still smarter than your average democrat I'll warrant!

Nice post Mr. Lajany Otum, very well done!

Love it, nice find MJS

I'm honored to make it onto this fantastic blog. Many thanks, MJS.

Mike F: The piece has taken a bit of a beating around the interwebs. While there are problems with making arguably ahistorical analogies like the one I make, it sucks to hear the article dismissed (by many folks) as juvenile. I'm merely trying to point out two main things:

1) When we work within the narrow confines of American electoral politics, we always are made to settle for less than what we want (and here I'm giving most American liberals more credit than they deserve, as the liberal elite usually wants exactly what the plutocracy gives them: prestige, power, and influence). Had the Egyptians followed such a policy, they'd now have a dictator in power who is just as bad as Mubarak.

2) American liberals have made huge sport of lecturing to Arabs and Muslims (about nonviolence, democracy, chauvinism, and the list goes on). Yet it's Arabs who are now schooling American liberals about what real political change looks like. Have the Arab people developed direct democracies at this point? Not really. But the point is that the protesters will settle for nothing less. Contrast with Democrats, who love to settle for that inanity they call "the lesser evil." I'd fucking chop my nose off before I'd be so moronic as to hold it and then pull a balloting lever.

I'm thrilled that others can partake of my schadenfreude vis-a-vis the wretched so beautifully skewering the genteel leg-humpers of American modernity.

@ Steven Salaita:
I've been following the Egypt/Bahrain/Algeria/Libya/North African situation closely via Twitter and the English Al Jazeera feed, and you wouldn't believe the number of US "Left" outfits calling for solidarity actions who won't shut up about how they want their action to adhere to "nonviolence" priciples. I've responded with a request for them to tell a Tunisian or an Egyptian or an Algerian or a Bahraini or a Yemeni or a Libyan about "nonviolence" while they're being gassed/beaten/tortured/shot/bombed in the process of assembling to petition their governments. Now, I'm not a violent guy by nature, nor a "shoot first" kind of guy, but when people gather peacefully to petition their governments for change and are repeatedly met with deadly force, the proper response is not to stand around with candles singing "We Shall Overcome", as they do in the US. I myself subscribed to Nonviolence™ dogma for many years until seeing the behavior of the police during the Seattle WTO protests, and again here in DC at the "A16" IMF/World Bank protests, at which point I decided that Nonviolence™ is an ideological luxury affordable only to the affluent, cushy-living white US "Left".

"...the genteel leg-humpers of American modernity..."

Whoa, that's got to be one of the most awesome characterizations of American Liberalism I've ever heard. I hope you don't mind if I spread that one around. That fucking kills, man.


Earning unqualified support from liberals in metropolitan West is a tough order:

We expect Palestinians to not throw stones at the IDF jeeps who come to teargas their protestations against the illegal confiscation of their entire villages while we wouldn’t bat an eyelash at a man who shot a robber attempting to take his television set; We expect them to not elect representatives that reflect their religious sentiments though no one is surprised when the Christian Right attempts to influence our political system and we ally ourselves with the likes of Saudi Arabia; and we expect Palestinian society to wholly unshackle itself from the bonds of misogyny, racism and bigotry before we acknowledge their entitlement to basic human rights, despite our own shortcomings, including the reality that the realization of LGBT equality within the United States itself is relatively new and still imperfect. In all of the struggles for liberation many Americans support, including civil rights for African Americans, we have never required such a high standard of “goodness” before acknowledging a group’s basic humanity.

Freedom, huh?

Have the Arab people developed direct democracies at this point?
To which one might add that since Americans don't have democratic institutions either, direct or otherwise, we're in no position to lecture anybody else on the subject.

There's a live stream up from the capitol building.


Apparently they are going to try to clear the building later, so it could get interesting.

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