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Iron Sheik stays in the ring

By Owen Paine on Friday February 11, 2011 08:38 AM

Mooby not stepping down -- cliging to his title -- is absolutely the best news possible. Now the army must either blow off its top or turn on the people. No Sneaky-Ali moves here -- throwing the mob Mooby's head and hoping they'll go home.

Now the inner circle has failed to budge their Issimo, the whole rotten crew either gets bounced and prolly arrested by junior officers, or the bastards test the resolve of their rank and file by giving the shoot to kill orders to the elite units they can trust -- or think they can trust.

I doubt we'll see another ride of the goons here. For the moment, at least, the security covert outfits and assorted thugs lugs mugs and jugs are as useless as Mooby's tits, and will remain so -- err until or unless the masses subside.

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Events have moved quicker than your febrile brain, OP. The man is gone, the military is in control. Remains to be seen if they will come up with language, processes, representatives, that truly satisfy, or seem to, the peoples' demands, as well as, of course, the US and Europe's. If they do, we can look forward to a Baskin-Robbins of an election in September, with would- be Chavez's and Pinochet's and de Gaulles running side by side (and the CIA ready to eliminate any unacceptable ones.)

"Like a steam locomotive, rollin' down the track--
he's gone, gone, and nothin's gonna bring him back!"



mow mooby's head has been tossed in the hamper by the brashh hat council
looks like the military will have to blow its top
under popular pressure which at this point is yet to be proven to exist

surely many uprisers will want more ..want all the mobby gang's heads
but the splits will begin to emerge in the original burger kid phalanx

now the "revolution" needs a new class engine

the wage earners must move to the lead of this wagon will go over the high side fast

relying on radicalized youth is not gonna get this job done

hurling themselves against army barb wire
blowing a few explosive belts
might have its place now
but a series of crippling strikes
looks to me
like if not the only path way "thru the military "
at least the surest

can't run the economy
on a diet of bayonets and water cannons


if the egyptian people want a social revolution not just assembly and voting and gibbering "rights"
they will need to demonstrate that to the military brass
by a full social upheavel
starting at everyones work/job site


using the crystal ball loaned me
by jane seymour of leninette's tomb


a purge of the comb overs

a youthful freshet slapping its way
onto the SCAF


prime directive ...clarification:

on my own posts

its a free frolick for chatter box owen
as many comments as
the magnetic all
to manic tom foolery requires of me

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