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No sense of fun

By Owen Paine on Tuesday February 15, 2011 11:21 AM

Now isn't that something? You'd think it's a screencap from a computer game, right? But no: it's the Navy's latest preadolescent fantasy weapon, the Next Generation Cruiser, now scrapped by grim reaper Barry with his three-little-pigs straw-roof strategic defense plan.

l Is the good emperor really gonna cut the armada... a bit?

I got a pointer from my gal Jen Rubin to take a look at this eye-popper, pasted up at politicox by the saggy-rope tagteam of Shoofly and Flagpole:

"As the Obama administration unveils its fiscal 2012 budget Monday, the Pentagon is expected to take a hit. In advance of the budget’s release, Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced significant cuts to Pentagon programs, totaling $78 billion over five years. The cuts are deep and far-reaching and will jeopardize the U.S.’s ability to fight and win wars. Several critical weapon systems, believed safe after surviving a round of cuts in 2009, will now be defunded — forcing the services to develop less desirable options for force modernization already long overdue.

Most concerning, however, is a proposal to significantly decrease Army and Marine Corps end strength by tens of thousands of troops. Gates stated that by the end of 2015, the Army could be expected to sacrifice up to a full fighting division worth of soldiers, while the smaller Marine Corps would have to slash up to three brigades — roughly 15,000 troops."

Best bit in piece:
"As the combat load on the Marine Corps intensifies, Gates announced the cancellation of its Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle... It is true that the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle has had major cost overruns, and some question its utility given that Marines have not carried out amphibious landings for decades."
Who sez the jarhead legion needs enemies, with friends of the corps like these two? Semper Fi, baby!

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Let's not be glib about this: real human beings -- lobbyists, two-star generals, Pentagon procurement officers -- are going to lose their jobs!


and variety sez predator drones will be hosting 'the today show' all next week


"You'd think it's a screencap from a computer game, right? "

Not even. The sad thing is that some geezer in north Virginia probably got paid $10,000 to do that image.


Okay, a first-generation computer game.

Brian M:

senecal: that's the problem. The ONLY thing the United States produces any more (other than creatively repackaged debt) is weaponry. Military Keynesism, baby!

"The ONLY thing the United States produces any more (other than creatively repackaged debt) is weaponry"

And marketing materials. Shitloads of marketing materials. Glossy brochures, fancy web sites, and enough tchotchkes to fill every garbage dump in the known universe.


cancellation of its Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle

Fixed: a Catalina bottom applied to the Osprey. That'll catch 'em napping. Cue up the Walkurenritt!



Brian M:

Well, Pundit.

A country that largely BELIEVES it is an unmitigated force for good in the world, that soldiers are engaged in heroic deeds, that everyone wants to be an American...mighty fine people to be ad men. :)

Heck, I have coworkers who believe George W Bush was a brilliant man.

"Heck, I have coworkers who believe George W Bush was a brilliant man."

The Triumph of the Marketing! Let's get Leni Riefenstahl to make the movie. It'll be brilliant!


I was gonna write a post about this but I can't summon the energy:

Egyptians Say Military Discourages an Open Economy

Not even sure where to start...


" “We trust them,” said Walid Rachid, a member of the April 6 Youth Movement that helped set off the revolt. “Because of the army our revolution has become safe.” "
from the fb link

thank god " Walid "
is only an A 6 YM member
not a leader

ponder the implications
of that dangerous fatuity

was this guy in the square ???

did a tough's rock
hit Walid in the head ?????

fb this struggle over control and ownership "forms"

revives the glorious category
bureaucrat capitalism
a term i've always found tricky
get into and out of

....like a tippy two man canoe

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