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Cretinous Hoaxsters

By Al Schumann on Wednesday March 9, 2011 10:30 PM

O'Keefe and NPR were meant for each other. As with all wingnut stings of liberal institutions, the real story is the speed with which the targets issue fatuous, unnecessary apologies and undertake a pointless, melodramatic corporate seppuku. This doesn't head off the tut-tutting sanctimony, of course. The finger-waggers are not to be denied.

At this point, I think it's deliberate. Professional liberals climb the ladder by demoralizing the Democratic Party base. The money is pretty good, but that's clearly a secondary consideration. The real thrill lies in making a disgusting spectacle of themselves.

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I feel bad for ADM, though. Once "Public" broadcasting is no more, will they be able to afford the ad rates over at FOX?


stink belt bombers


Did none of these people ever watch Candid Camera reruns when they were home from the fourth grade with the flu?

And is NPR really that desperate to maintain its teatard demographic, estimated at three people whose digital radio buttons broke in 1998?

I find this all very confusing.

Al Schumann:

Emma, it makes no sense at all on the face of it. My best guess, truly, is that professional liberals reflexively humiliate themselves because that's their career training; their meal ticket. They've been socialized to seek out opportunities to recoil from stink bombs, and to plant their asses on whoopie cushions as they stagger away. It's never cost them their careers, as far as I know. They always pop up again, ready for new depths of pointless disgrace.

Ms. Xeno, I too find it possible to shed a tear for ADM. They could afford FOX—after all, they'd just send the bill to Congress—but it's a hell of a come down. The other undead bloodsuckers will laugh at them.

OP, the stink bombs do offer a jobs programs. It's a mephitic one, but the victims and perpetrators can't be employed to do anything else.

Brian M:

Al: I love your writing. Even when it uses words I can't follow. LOL

This just sums it up...these folks just ASK to be bullied and victimized. Compare her reaction to Rushbo when he is caught lying. Or the nutty ramblings of Alex Jones.


Al, thanks for clarifying all of this. I tried to comprehend the story this morning, but there were too many Schillers "(no relation)" involved and my mind drifted to the Knicks recap.

As I understand it, one Schiller said something about the baggers, and another got canned. Much bravery and principle involved, no doubt.

Al Schumann:

Brian, I should make clear that I don't think they're asking to be bullied. They're doing their jobs. Professional liberals make sure the base remains manageable. That sometimes means "taking one for the team". There's plenty of room in the patronage network for those who do so with alacrity. They may very well wind up working alongside yesterday's notional enemy.

CZ, I used to parse the events to see how much hogwash was involved. After dozens of similar incidents, I realized the broader pattern was always the same: beautiful losing. That's what they're up to. No one specifically tells them what to do. It's routine, in the same way banksters automatically stonewall, whether or not it's needed.

Al Schumann:

Digressing afield, but no one objects, beautiful losing is a feature of any management position in any system that concentrates power in relatively few hands. It's similar to the Judas Goat function, but a bit subtler. The beautiful losers can claim principle, and it's hard to prove otherwise.

The Judas Goat liberals have to harass dissenters, make accusations of moral vanity, Nader-bait, red bait and so forth. Their task is much harder, because what they're up to can be proven. Not that doing so ever makes all that much difference. Some, not a lot. But it does let a few people rediscover the temperament and reaction to injustice that originally caused them to doubt the beneficence of the established managerial systems. I'll take whatever I can get as far as that goes.


The irony being, the choice of two fake Muslims to set the guy up pretty much proved everything he said. Nobody noticed the fundamental racism of using Muslims for the scam and what mindset that was meant to appeal to?

I just wish for once someone would say, "yeah, I meant every word of it, and the cowards I work for are firing me for refusing to issue a fake apology." But anyone with that degree of integrity wouldn't be working for NPR.

Al --

They may very well wind up working alongside yesterday's notional enemy.

Ladies and Gentlemen... Juan Williams!

Al Schumann:

Sean, if one of the professional liberals said that I'd be forced to reconsider a contempt that's grown easy and comfortable. But as you say, the degree of integrity is so rare that I'm not in any danger.

CF, indeed! He makes a good poster child.

The farcical qualities of this latest sting makes me think of a fish that jumps out of the barrel, grabs the gun the shoots itself. It just couldn't wait a minute longer.

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