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Local boy makes good

By Michael J. Smith on Wednesday April 27, 2011 12:34 PM

Our old comrade Mike Flugennock's latest (shown above) was a recent Editor's Choice at Cartoon Movement. Here's Mike:

I read on the AP wire earlier this week that the recent McDonald’s “Hiring Day” resulted in the hiring of 50,000 new burger-flippers, news that was of course deliriously cheered by the Beltway Insider crowd as part of its collective pants-pissing over the creation of 230,000 new jobs last month — nearly half of which were on the order of Wal-Mart greeters, Home Depot cashiers, the aforementioned burger flippers, and other assorted shit-wage jobs. So, I decided it was time to redesign the Great Seal Of The United States to reflect current American reality.

The news that really grabbed me, however, was a report from a McDonald’s hiring day in Cleveland. At one of many such events designed to portray McDonald’s as a decent place to work, a fight broke out between two women; the fight escalated to the point where one of the women ended up hitting three people with a car before fleeing the scene.

I’m lovin’ it.

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flug this one is fucked up
i think

--- amazing
i'm almost tempted to invoke
that most idiotic
of the "ism " trail notions
classism ---

food service and mass retail jobs
have only one thing more Mcshit-covic
about them
then some other common wage jobs
of the last 200 years

they don't pay nearly as well
as say
assembly line jobs... used to pay

the great amerikan
service and commerce jobbler sectors
just need their equivalent
of a cio circa 39-46 interval
the implication
of this new seal of yours
is what ???

america once stood for something
bigger and better then

the waffle house and petco ???

flug did you have
coal mines and cotton picking in mind ??

no probably not

making something complex "
like building cars
something hard and dangerous
like making steel ???

or are you thinking about
non wagelingery

artisanal cheese making ???

familly farming ??

what ??
don't tell me

throwing pots
and street mime ???

not you flug
the last of the hard boiled
anarcho-brewski ites

one sees these cheap ass
chump change occupations americano
reaching off
to the far horizon

walt whitman i don't hear you singing

Love it Mike! Nice work.

I mean that says it all about where we're headed in this country.

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