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So right, and so wrong

By Owen Paine on Friday April 1, 2011 03:37 PM

Counterpunch has found a soul mate for Father Smiff:

"Here are the politics of the war in Libya: Gaddafi is trying to crush a democratic revolution;... the U.S. is scrambling to check the most widespread and powerful revolutionary upheaval since 1848 from sweeping its strongmen into the dustbin of history. The no-fly zone is damage control, an attempt to co-opt the Libyan revolution. "
That seems to me wrong on all three points.

1. Col Q is certainly "trying to crush" something, but is it "a democratic revolution"? Seems this chap knows better; he writes earlier:

"... Unlike in Egypt, Libya's revolutionaries have not appealed to the rank-and-file of the military to switch sides, nor have they sought to mobilize the country's workers to strike against the regime. This took social revolution off the table and confined the struggle between Gaddafi and the rebels to a purely military dimension, guaranteeing him the upper hand and setting the stage for the LNC's desperate plea for help from the region's most anti-revolutionary force: the U.S. government. This failure was no accident; many members of the LNC are top figures from Gaddafi's decrepit and brutal regime. Instead of mobilizing workers, they've issued proclamations honoring all contracts with foreign oil companies."
Democratic revolutionaries? Only if color revolutions qualify.

2. "The U.S. is scrambling to check the most widespread and powerful revolutionary upheaval since 1848 from sweeping its strongmen into the dustbin of history."

Really? Looks to me like Uncle can ride this color-type revolution wave with a sidesaddle.

3. "The no-fly zone is damage control, an attempt to co-opt the Libyan revolution."

Damage control or opportunistic showmanship? In the end, Uncle couldn't lose either way here. But he could score some humanist points, eh? And reinforce the interventionist reflex among the civilized liberal class.

Our man's conclusion holds up, to be sure:

"All anti-imperialists should oppose the no-fly zone. Revolution? Yes! Intervention? No!"
... but it totally mises the point that Hugo, Fidel and Danny see so clearly. This is Uncle telling his tinpot opponents everywhere: "Boys, this could be you" -- not to mention Father S's buddy Ringo, and that cruelly overmatched son of the shrewd toupee of Damascus, whatsisname, president Bathyscape of the Greater Aleppo alewife republic.

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Alex Cockburn offers a suggestion to "rally the troops" (the foot-draggers who aren't thrilled by gunsight camera footage, that is):

…if the intent was to rally liberals in America to the cause of intervention, allegations planted by Burson-Marsteller or some kindred outfit of a "hate crime" against gay Libyans, or a negative attitude to gay marriage on the part of Qaddafi might have been more effective. But substantial slabs of what passes for the left in America are ecstatic at the intervention — a "good one" at last…


the latest alex confection is a delight

the doctor who of pinkdom at his best
of course its on all fours geopolitically
--carve up libya ??? come now and after that absolutely pitch perfect bit about the guerrilla theatre conflict
why our civil war re enactors come closer
to the real thing ..by far

the real question caught on the fly by his
younger brother

"where in fucking hell is the libyan army ?"

i recall some recounting od a fateful meeting between mubarak and "his generals"
where they said "nope " to his call for repression
and their decision to fold arms
the only diff in libya seems to be this
mubarak asked if he could use his inner guard
without triggering an army counter
and the generals said "nope use your party goons"
in the event we got the famous camel corps and
the madi gras like nocturnal
molotov /sniper binge

where as it would seem col Q's generals decided to sit it out
those that didn't defect
and one has to imagine by agreement
the dewfectors also decided to sit it out

but but but

the col gort to use his own honor guard
of what a regiment's strength??
small potatos but but but
enough it seems to turn the balance
as the presidential guard might have
turned it in egypt

but then just as col Q has the rebels hung up in benghazi ...
in comes barry ..in comes barry
all in all
a very absurd affair to put along side
the congo wars eh ?? or even the conptemporaneous
ivory coast set to


the more one gets into this epic desert battle

the more it looks like
a sand storm in a steam bath

and to think the desert fox covered precisely this same road back and forth in his
cunning wildly under forced duel
with various profoundly
boobacious brit generals
until the biggest as of all simply had such over whelming numbers
as to best even milton's jesus

-- as a ten year old el alamein galled me
like antietam
one has to wonder
where the leninist came out of this
odd deply reactionary boy ??? ---


I think it's a little early to call this uprising a failure, and the intervention a failure. Especially the latter. Uncle doesn't stick his neck out without thinking he has pretty good odds (oh my god, what am I saying!!!)

Admittedly the rebels suggesting they might consider a cease-fire doesn't sound too encouraging. And the bombs and big guns have mysteriously stopped, as Gaddafi's boys push back.

I dont know -- maybe you're right. I just can't imagine uncle coming out of this with nothing.


lenin (leninology.blogspot.com) does a thorough job of describing the coming stalemate you predict above. Worth reading!


I don't expect a stalemate ......I expect a result like Egypt
Where the military steps in to regulate a transition to color. Democracy

Col Q may well have a few more cards to play
But I expect a...no partition
B...no need for us ground forces in any appreciable sense
Or much of anything beyond Libyan forces
Recall I consider those forces are not engaged at this time
We need to review the gait prop of the MSM vis a vis the colonelTo get a notion of his fate
If the media keep up the brute of the dunes story
He,s gone now....

And I suspect he's headed for the Hague or a bullet in the head
Eventually any way
As a another object lesson by the sivilizers


Military take-over is too easy, OP, it's worse than that. Read lenin, despite your aversion to him.

It took me a minute to figure out that "gait prop" of the MSM meant "agit prop". Nice coinage!


I read st Seymour
I'lll leave it at that

Btw was Egypt too easy to happen ?

Military conduction is very reassuring to top down control tower staff

But yes I suppose greater scrambling might occur
But Libya is simple to second tier to seriously impact the substance of
This Arab 1848

Btw one ought not throw the color baby out with the bath water
Stages follow stages in some sufficent if not necessary pattern

Surely any democratic Maghreb would need a new Palestine policy
For example and perhaps a stricter accounting of oil revenue
These points suggest challenges to the hegemonics
But I'm fond of thinking the hedgeees
welcome a challenge ......errr now and again

I think the reason the establishment sours so at the mention of Iraq
Is simple
The globe presents enough spontaneous challenges to the system
We don't need to go around provoking them

Similarly human rights interventions that are clean kills get high marks
Taking out the regimes in panama and granada for example

Or the deft hit that leaves no clear finger prints
Like the CIA used to do so well

If uncle wanted a un able to keep the planet safe from genocide he could make it happen

But as senator lodge long ago pointed out
Uncle enjoys his own freedom of action
Only a feeble un force structure allows for that


Bah. It's all theatre, death-rattle stuff.

If MoBroSam were an actor in a Cassavetes movie:

"I can shake my sabre like any dying cigarette-smoking asbestos-factory-lifer who feels challenged in his dying days! COUGH COUGH COUGH!"

Maybe a better analogy is Eric Burdon & War:

"Spill the wine, take that pearl."

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