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Biting the hand that feeds 'em

By Owen Paine on Wednesday June 1, 2011 10:19 AM

This is really delightful:

"Politicians of both parties have been tough on public employees in this recession, balancing state and city budgets through layoffs, wage freezes, furloughs, and benefit cuts. But rarely have labor-backed Democrats targeted the very right of public employees to collectively bargain. That’s now changing. In Massachusetts, New Jersey, Illinois, and Connecticut, Democratic legislators, eager to save money, are betting they can cut into public employee bargaining rights and still win union backing at election time."
That's puttin' it in your face, eh? Raging union chief and all-round bull goose Rich Trumpcut sez:
"Democrats get most of their campaign funding—72 percent nationally—from business... the union share of the Democrats’ war chest has fallen to half what it was a decade ago."
Here's a real juicy fact:
"AFSCME [the union of pub sec workers extraordinaire] claimed top place in all political spending in 2010, pouring $87.5 million into campaigns."
Man oh man, those poor buggers prepaid for their own royal ass kicking, didn't they?

Somethin's gotta give here, at some point.

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Indeed, the scales have finally fallen from some eyes around these parts on that score. Now the real work begins...


Hey, now, gang. Did I call this shit in frickin' February, or what?


Coldtype sez on 06.01.11 @12:02:
Indeed, the scales have finally fallen from some eyes around these parts on that score. Now the real work begins...

...or, with any luck, the real fun begins. Time for US unions to knock off this working-within-the-system-for-change chickenshit. Withdraw their planned Democratic Party contribution cash and save it up for strike/bail/legal defense funds. Stock up on gas masks. Take some mixed martial-arts classes. Get their Greek on, already.


That's a nice one, Mike. I somehow missed it at the time.


So how do we bring it on? I've been fighting the Democratic Party from the left since at least '65. I'm old and I'm tired, but I could gather myself up to do something, if I only knew what.

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