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Brand Management

By Al Schumann on Thursday June 23, 2011 02:42 PM

So Al Gore has another environmental essay. It reads like a missive from different universe. The one I inhabit has the very same author, and the very same people backing him, beautiful-losing and stalling practical remediation. They got rich doing that. They're planning to get richer still, and the playbook for that is the standard New Democrat/DLC/Neoliberal playbook. They recruit free labor from ingenuous liberals, make a big media splash, promise meaningful engagement and deliver tightly protected markets to hacks who will go on to demand a bailout.

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Thus Al:

In one corner of the ring are Science and Reason. In the other corner: Poisonous Polluters and Right-wing Ideologues.
Tonight's match: highly-regarded abstract nouns take on deplorable actual persons.

There is really nothing to compare with the crass intellectual vulgarity a good education can confer.

Al Schumann:

He knows his audience. They like marketing that grants agency to the abstract.

Makes me wanna go all Cheney on someones face.

Oh, jeezus, is he back again? The boring, pasty dweeb who didn't even have the cajones to take his own side in a fight is back to save the Earth again? Cripes. It's worse this time, too, because the guy has his own cable channel, with Keith Olbermann and everything.

Michael Moore made a big deal out of tweeting about how he was going to be present at the first broadcast of Countdown v2.0, and about how proud he was to be a part of Al Gore's new cable network. Yeah, that's right; the same Al Gore that Moore slagged the living shit out of in Fahrenheit 911 for not standing up for himself during the '00 Florida shitfest.

"They like marketing that grants agency to the abstract."

Can't beat this one from the International Laborious Organization:

"The prolonged jobs crisis, despite some promising signs of growth, continues to defy global efforts by governments and businesses to generate employment and end the growing hardships people are suffering in their search for work."

'On the other hand, there was clearly a script (or in today's language, a "narrative"), with good guys to cheer and bad guys to boo.'

I really appreciate Al translating his thoughts into retard for us regular folk.


Too bad David Noble is not around any more to shine light on activites of Gore and his followers.


why bust Al gore ??

cause he's not Al green ??

or Al falfa even ???

why Al ....why ??


and poor michael moore flug ??
left pork loin of the main media

what he do now ???

you guys go and hold these chaps
to a standard lower then yellow jello
and then mock em for jiggling

this site has aweful sharp teeth

stan goffic has his feral scholar
maybe this site could use a back up name
in case the present oe gets clipped off by
a dembot patsy pwog reflux
a second name like the feral tooth
or maybe just
the inconvenient tooth

the solitary agency of a free range
sharp fuckin pink tooth

no claws of course
no paws even
but a sharp fuckin pink tooth

if u ain't made entirely of
oak knot holes
and library paste
u'd best tip toe away from this site
and go out and take your chances
clam up tight
and on tiny moth wings
flap on out into that dark night


david noble

now there's a figure designed for this site eh ??

the corporate university

automation as depowerment
of the direct commodity producers

why not send in a post to mjs
on this
lost titan
laud him to the heavens
and see what sharp fuckin tooth
bites into him here in the cages

if no one else does
why as a soul without a center
or even a temporary base camp
i will ..much as i like this guys look
and i'll do it just because ...some one must

Al Schumann:

Owen, I'd ignore Gore if he didn't serve the same basic function as Trumka. They recruit, a little, but most of what they do consists of being the spokesmen for the "respectable" limits on agitation. Gore is to green as Trumka (Sweeney, Meany, Miney and Moe ) is to labor.

As noted by Sandwichman on the ILO's similar crap, the marketing speak is or should be an alarm bell. It's "passive-aggressive bullshit". It's the patter that comes before the mark gets invited to feel a sense of belonging, of engagement and relevance.


paul alex

funny site
but why not add smbiva to your link list

mjs is erudite beyond sand script

speaking of sand

nice to see tommy walker red here

the man with a cogent mono mania
right there on the tip of his tongue

i miss max speaks

like the urinal at the half a crown tavern next to poe park
down which pissed much paine processed

max was tops
even if he now occasionally
lists at henny's doug pound

viva workless !!!!!!

Al Schumann:

How about a new slogan for SMBIVA?

Worth More, Work Less

That has a nice ring to it.


if i'm gonna get fluttery about
pilsbury Al
its over this

the fucker tapped that
fuck him
i'd cry "jew here " and surrender
to the deaths head division
if i got to tap that first

geeeeez...if only


what a caution eh ?

calling lady x q and z
come burn off my vestigal white male stub

despite uncontrol-able spouts
of remorse
coming out of my blow hole
now and again
for all my moments of pure porkicity
i'm essentially
without cohrent reliable redemption


worth more vote less

Al ... ya yopurs is better poetics and agit prop
what with the nice ring back in worth and work

but father S
one hopes
ain't got that much license here

in the end he do gotta stick to
the original
fetish de programing mission

Al Schumann:

Owen, I took that slogan from you—it's a reference to the Sandwich Platform—and I think it's time to branch out a bit.

Thanks OP, it's good to know that someone has actually read the site. I took your advice and added a link to SMBIVA, although I don't know what good it will do.


why not send in a post to mjs

His work speaks for itself, but some folks react badly to any mention of Noble. The green true believers I can understand, but in at least one case it was a big aficionado of the Old Moor's wisdom — an unrepentant one — who flew off the handle at 135 mph when Noble's name came up once, maybe some bad blood there because Noble paid short shrift to Marx?

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