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Lumpen Larry

By Al Schumann on Thursday August 25, 2011 02:46 PM

Always ready to lend a looting hand.

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ole lamb
has quite a club going on over there
sign in sheets and all

but a nice post none the less

in a general way at least

epater the rentiers and all

however is it not the case
looters as a descriptive label
for corporate capitalists
when they're at their merry tasks
tends to fend off sharper
less prepositioned
more specific and concrete
contextual investigation

i prefered larry's
"elites without a country "

that to me opens the door
to the wide world of corporate action
without recourse to peremptory e-valuation

example todays norte amigo grand de industrialization
tomorrows norte amigo petite
re industrialization


that said this pairing is a delight
no matter how often repeated:

"[4] "reckless." Nice little economy you've got here, shame if something happened to it.

[6] "confidence." Continued compliance with all bankster demands. See [4]."

take em on ??

one thinks of czar biddle versus andy jackson

nicky made the jacksonians pay
for their uppity acts






world social formation


:"Always ready to lend a looting hand"

'looting'? or picking an apple or magongo nut within our new primitive nature...

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