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Libruls R Conservatives

By Michael J. Smith on Wednesday September 21, 2011 11:57 AM

My poor Muse seems to have been bitten by the dread tsetse fly and fallen into a deep Snow Whitey sleep. Since I am not a Handsome Prince, no kiss of mine is able to awaken her. So I'm reduced to sifting my emails from Alternet in search of inspiration.

This item made the Muse stir slightly and caused a trace of a smile to flit across her unconscious face:

Would a Perry v. Obama Contest Be a Confederacy v. Union Rematch?

The history books tell us that the U.S. Civil War ended in 1865, with the surrender of the Confederacy at Appomattox. But underlying the present dynamics of American politics is an uneasy sense that the war never really ended -- and the Confederacy never quite surrendered.

...Rick Perry, frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination, once named Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee as one of the historical personages he'd like to include at a fantasy dinner party. At Perry's 2007 gubernatorial inauguration celebration, rocker Ted Nugent performed wearing a shirt emblazoned with the Confederate flag emblem.

...In introducing Perry to the Liberty U audience this week, Falwell's son, Jerry Jr., lauded the Texas governor "for having the guts to say things that weren't exactly politically correct, like when Gov. Perry said Texas might secede one day from the union."

Indeed, Perry made such intimations more than once...

Well, sheee-it, as we used to say down South. What intelligent person doesn't wish that Texas would secede from the Union? And for that matter, the rest of the old Confederacy with it -- successfully, this time. But Alternet is shocked, shocked! at this wild-eyed, 'extreme', irresponsible stuff.

What exactly is the downside? Does Alternet think that a breakaway New Confederacy would reintroduce chattel slavery?

In the states of the old Confederacy, black folks form a bit more than 20% of the population, if my back-of-the-envelope calculations are roughly correct. These are people who have been free for a long time and overthrew the Jim Crow regime within living memory. Anybody who wants to turn the clock back on this group has his work cut out.

But there's a bigger intellectual problem here -- a remarkably naif and static view of history. The Union victory was a Good Thing in 1865, so it follows that the results of that victory must be a Good Thing for all time and forever.

To my way of thinking, the Union victory was a Good Thing for two reasons: 1) It put an end to slavery in the US, and 2) it diminished the power of the then global hegemon, namely the British Empire.

But now the US is the global hegemon, a brutish demoborous Golem, a universal plague. Breaking it up, now, would be the Good Thing.

What strikes me so strongly about liberal thinking is how unliberated it is -- how narrow, conventional, unimaginative, and, well, fundamentally conservative it is, in the worst sense of that much-abused word: unthinkingly attached to existing institutions and arrangements; convinced that Progress, whatever that might be, is unidirectional, and hence that it can never be an improvement to reverse a motion that constituted an earlier improvement.

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Good post
I suggest you try taking advantage of lady muse as she lays there in trance mode

Nothing like some 50's porn to force her back into action

Liberals are liberal unless you hold a contrary opinion, but that's only because you'd have to be a racist, sexist, Confederate-loving, evolution denying, carbon bigfooting, homophobic, Republican asshole to disagree.


Is it enough just to be an asshole? That, I can manage.

Al Schumann:

A break-up would be good for both north and south, even if only to put a stop to the tedious triumphalism and victimhood tantrums. But I'm betting it would make both new entities a lot more circumspect in both foreign and domestic aggressions.


Yeah. They'd be worried about each other. I think we should split up that mythical country, "Britain", the same way -- self-determination for Wales, Cornwall, and Scotland, and Northern Ireland too for that matter, until they get over themselves and subside back into Eire.

Al Schumann:

The occupations there have gone on for far too long. Owen, if I recall correctly, has strong sympathies for the Welsh nationalists.


As have I.


Why is anyone -- even over at Alternet -- taking seriously a man who talks secession at the same time he runs for the presidency of the Union? Could there be a more transparently hypocritical gesture in the direction of people who think he's too far to the left?

People take Rick Perry seriously because he is a political machine and the best campaigner in the game.

And unless he's advocating the sport rape grandmothers at half time during the Super Bowl, he's going to get a pass on red meat issues, so long as his guns are sighted upon Obama or Romney.

The restoration of the Confederacy from the taint of "treason in defense of slavery" is a big damned deal in the South. He knows his market.


The shattering of Dixie into black belt south and a hillbilly/ red neck south
Is more to my liking

Charlotte can capital the hill Billy south

Atlanta the black belt south

Texas oughta split to
Half become part of the republic of north mexico
With the rst of our Mex war "winnings"

Okay cal becomes problematic here
I opt for a partition of cal
And Los angles as an open city like post war trieste
or two state jerusalem


Al of shoomania
A world without an obvious hegemonic statev
would soon evolve one no?

Thru tests of strength that doubtless open the way to a few great nation state system disintegrations

Ala WWII and more so WWI

But such prspects suggest considerable mole work prior too

as to wales the bastards seem so far
To make poor nationalists
I guess no other Celtic outfit wants to look Irish eh ?

The scots on the other hand ....ah god bless

As to Cornwall ...mjs induging his middle earth hobbit fantasy

some outfits deserve effective dissolving agents

in Weak enough solution.
Surely The Saxons can keep buried peoples quiet


The national question is always best solved by the method mjs suggests

Sever em let em cook in their own juice a spell

That is if we don't have a. a new hegemon hovering near

The grand experiment called the common market has shown it's clay feet recently
But re amalgamation is hardly best served red hot

Revenge of the unifiers one worlders etc best await a cooling off
Of national contradictions


Of course our devilish world system of trans nat corporate corsairs

Sem to prefer fragmentation oft times eh?

Toobad there's never a unidirectional formal solution for those of us
on the progressive planetary pilgrimage


Spanish America has long suffered it's balkinizations
Par example


Has anyone here noticed the aleotory wanderings of recent Alex posts
at the pink counter top ?

Seems these days old al when He strikes an eccentric note as of old
can't bounce back on track

He gets points over in a flailing sort of fashion
I guess he could still out box a blind Samson
But anyone reading his recent ring performances could note the quixotic
Hip hops duck the formerly lethal right lead
And simply clobber him with long shots from the perimeter

he's a nasty viper at heart but after all he's our viper eh?

Let's hope he regathers his neuron firing patterns
We can use the thick slug of bile
He srves up so deftly and supplely
Trying to get by only on
his forked hiss and rattle come the prez run
As he slithers about aimlessly in the dust
Could be painful to watch

Brian M:

op: Just want to say the metaphors in your post at 11:24 are just scrumptious!

As Ioz is heard to say "The Solution is Dissolution"

The problem in South America is not Balkanization per se but particularly venal racially-based elites with Big Uncle hovering overhead to hoover up any resources which can be extracted. Why would unifying the Quechua of the Andes highlands with the "white" immigrant populations of coastal Argentina (for one example)be a win for anyone?


The t baggers issued my boy boner a slap yesterday


What could the t bagger pwog outs do together to foil center aisle hegemony on the hill?

If they both swing behind the moiety of the center aisle that wants the upper hand but hasn't got it

In this case the Dembo moiety

They can effectively stymie the corporate center till the fall elections next year

Right now contradictions between the two heads are sharpening

Of course the Wally worlders can knock heads together in an emergency
Like they did back in September 2008 over the bank bail

But much else can get punched off the to do list

I guess I'm not prepared to assume the 45 or so t baggers can be corralled
Far easier I suspect to corral the pwog caucus


Brian I agree the spansih American world like the Arab world is too diverse
To form a nation out of right yet

Though obviously brazil has done something similar
Albeit thanx to compactness and the distinct history or portugese colonialism perhaps


Brian M -- IOZ styles himself anarchist, yes? Does he have an answer for the problem of warlordism? If so, he'd be the first anarchist I have to take seriously; mostly when I bring up the question, the response I get back is more along the lines of "fuck you", which I guess makes people feel special but doesn't do anything to convince anyone that anarchists, or anarchism, must be regarded with the respect due a coherent political philosophy.


Anarchism strikes me as a goal like communism

It's great virtue it suggests so long as the state is over us we are not liberated

Just as communism suggests we walnut end exploitation till all
The products of our social labor ....durable ones at least
are held in common

We marxists consider these dials of each other

Yes we give priority to the material base and thus communism

The state to us marxists simply disappears over time
As a also ran

as the state's sine qua non "function"
and specific social necessity vanishes
Right along with the need to preserve the exploiting class
Above its on particular exploitative and antagonistic system

Anarchists get into trouble when they trytosuggest the shape of things to come

As if they could be here now but for the various institutionalntaboos superstions and hertiable habits of the little people

With out a theory of human history that can Reveal the inner necessities
Of the states existence
in the over all course of human social development and
Without an account of our social history that suggests
the means advance beyond
today's institutional arrangements
Anrachism stands like a naked curse on modernity
No more no less


Warlords are produced by complex hierarchical propertarian economies, supported by surplus agriculture produced by the violent and legal division of the creators of wealth and goods from the fruits of that labor.

And if you are about to jump to Somalia, please just don't. Those warlords are the worst example by which to make your case: they are funded by extraction companies and extraction regimes hell bent on getting some black goop into the belly of a transport beast.


Thus OP:

Too bad there's never a unidirectional formal solution for those of us
on the progressive planetary pilgrimage
Just so. It's hard to resist head-scratching over whether one prefers amalgamation or dissolution, and it turns out there really is no general rule. It's entirely a question of the immediate circumstances.

The Tower Trolls seem to have discovered the same thing -- on the one hand, the dismemberment of Yugoslavia; on the other, the supranational banksters' paradise of the EU.


O bless you, Jack. The Muse just distinctly sighed and gave a slight but unmistakable kittenish little stretch.

Peter Ward:
Atlanta the black belt south

Atlanta? It's the most hipstered out, white friendly part of the South I've thus encountered. At least the liberalized, 770-dialing part that matters--emigrating up here to Amsterdam II.


you'd disagree with the tooth fairy

Atlanta white friendly...fine
And just how in Hell does that conflict with being the capital of a black Dixie ?


"Disagree with the tooth fairy" is a phrase so wonderful I'm gonna steal it. Particularly since it describes me too. C'mon, Peter -- be a gent and acknowledge a point scored.


senor op would you accept that a state also
exists in communism, 'simply' a state which
has transcended our notions of 'state', i.e., one which by being everyone - fully socialized - would no longer appear to be a state other than in, perhaps, 'primative communist' form?

you do not believe there would be any form of centralized state do you...and yes, not an 'overnighter'


senor op would you accept that a state also
exists in communism, 'simply' a state which
has transcended our notions of 'state', i.e., one which by being everyone - fully socialized - would no longer appear to be a state other than in, perhaps, 'primative communist' form?

you do not believe there would be any form of centralized state do you...and yes, not an 'overnighter'


I think you can well use the word state in a way consistent with applications to non class cloven societies

Tribal goverence exists no ?
I just choose to use the definition of the state as the legally organized force of a class cloven society

A product of human development and one as finite in it's existence as exploitation itself

I hope the irony of that last phrase isn't too crude


Aaron (and hat tip to Jack Crow) My nascent anarchism crashes on the rocks of warlordism...or, as likely, bandit gangs and warrior religious cults a la pre-modern Europe.

Being a victim of roving bands of Comanche warriors does not sound very good to me (one earnest poster at Jack's site, I believe, posited Comanches???? as the ideal form of government)

But Jack is right...clan-based governance was the rule for hundreds if not thousands of years warlordism. It's western colonialism and its nasty offshoots that is the real problem. Siad Barre was not exactly a good example for the glories of "centralized" government, and certainly the "official" government in Moga, installed by the Ethipian military dictatorship at the behst of uncle...no wonder people turn to Islam or tribalism...even if such an Islam is praticularly venal and virulent

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