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CEO Size Queens

By Al Schumann on Tuesday October 18, 2011 04:03 AM

Every pushback against the finance parasites brings a horde of mini-CEOs out to comment on blogs. By a strange coincidence, they all work 80 hours a week, uphill through the snow, on their way to distributing equity to their workers—who they personally trained because the school system has failed American businesses. They also took great personal risk to create jobs, in their 20 to 30 person firms, and they still have time to coach their children's sports teams.

Was there ever a country so blessed?

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It's even worse than that, Al. Try hordes of non-CEO worker bees who all work 100 hours a week, uphill through the snow, on their way to getting shafted by their employers. They also took great personal risk to hang onto their jobs, and they have absolutely no time to coach their children's sports teams, much less watch any of their games ... even on Skype.

But they have blogs! God bless em' and God bless America, they have blogs! And Twitter feeds! And Facebook status updates!


On the bright side...

From a Hannity interview with P Buchanan:

"Christianity is dying in the West," he declared on the radio. Buchanan says there is a "long plan" by Marxists to rid the nation of Christianity.

Buchanan doesn't think much holds us together as a nation anymore. "[The] disagreements are so profound," he told Hannity.

"Cultural Marxism has succeeded in transvaluing all the values in society,"
Buchanan said among other views he has of the Left hurting what he believes is traditional American culture. "The America that is coming is going to be unrecognizable to our generation. "

Believe it. America's backbone, they are the middle class of the 1%.


I certainly agree with Owen in calling for more Schumannerie, though of course I'm deeply wounded by the mortar-shells of verbal opprobrium that seem to be falling rather close to my own foxhole: καὶ σὺ, τέκνον?

Al Schumann:

Owen, I forgot another important coincidence! 20 to 30 persons is also the optimum newsmedia size for the alleged body count of alleged casualties resulting from drone strikes on alleged terrorists.

Mike, I've sat through training sessions like that. But I never knew it was a basic How-To instructional video, applicable to any situation requiring wholesale suspension of critical faculties.

CZ, the vital difference between the worker bees and the mini-CEOs is that the worker bees actually exist and really do lead lives like that. The mini-CEOs are all the same handful of paid trolls in the cubicles of Brookings and the Heritage Foundation. Also, thank God for cultural Marxism. I'd thought the church had done a pretty good job of delegitimizing itself, but I'm happy to take credit for helping it along.

Davidly, I take comfort in their whining, especially when they realize that the cops don't realize they're on the same side. It's kind of funny, in a pepper spray and blunt force trauma way.

MJS, I have the occasional good fortune to give an appearance of galloping when all I've actually accomplished is panicked flight from a gang of vengeful woodchucks.

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