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I never drink... wine

By Michael J. Smith on Thursday October 13, 2011 12:21 AM

Comrade Mike Flugennock, on target again.

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Drinking latté guards against bloodsuckers too.


Co opt OWS ?

The Jack Assery ?

suck the blood out of the OWS?

If you look in to the parallel civil rights sit in movement
The party of Roosevelt had no notion of what to do about the damn "thing"

In Boston mayor mumbles has already tried to show who's in charge
By arresting folks and threatening the occs ...occ

Can the official freak outs be that far away ?

op sez on 10.13.11 @08:21:
Can the official freak outs be that far away ?

Well, I don't know about the official freakouts -- judging from the reactions of certain politicians, most notably Herman Cain, I'd say it's already started -- but the media freakouts are sure as hell in full swing. Fox News is totally shitting itself, of course; in fact, given my past decade's experience, I can always tell when an action is effective when Fox News pisses and moans and stamps its little feet on the air.

MSNBC is having its own freakout in terms of claiming to be on the side of the protests; Ed Schultz is currently at the top of his blustering, loutish form, and the Sharpton Show -- well, the less said about Reverend Al, the better. I sneaked a peek at Chris "Baby Eater" Matthews' program the other night, and he had this standard-issue dime-a-dozen "analyst" on there blabbering about how the Occupy Movement needs to formulate a "policy agenda", which really burned my toast, as we're in the trouble we're in now partially because of those goddamn' K Street fucks. When I heard that dweeb emit the phrase "policy agenda", I didn't know whether to laugh or catch a train to NYC so I could bust into the studio and punch him in the teeth.

There's been a lot of talk about the Paultards trying to weasel their way in -- I spotted a tiny smattering of Ron Paul signs down here at Freedom Plaza last week -- but anybody with half a goddamn' brain in their head knows what a phony-assed excuse for a libertarian Ron Paul is. The Paultard "threat" is a sideshow, comic relief ranking right up there with the LaRouchies and those goddamn' Zeitgeist bozos. Whenever any of my friends bring up the "threat" posed by the Paultards, I remind them to quit worrying about them and keep their goddamn' eye on MoveOn, Michael Moore, Russ Feingold and that whole fucking crew. They already pacified the workers' rebellion in Wisconsin with dreams of a recall election, now they're getting ready to sink their fangs into the Occupy Movement.

Oh, yeah... and, great headline, Smiff.

...and as long as we're on the subject -- if you hear anybody saying creepy weird shit in an affected, stilted Eastern European accent and thinking they're imitating Dracula, they really aren't imitating Dracula, they're imitating Bela Lugosi:



By freak outs i mean
I'm thinking more like the police riots at the Chicago dem convention in 68
and the shootings by the national guard at Kent state in. 70

I don't mention Jackson state
because police started shooting black folks big time
long b4 that ...and long after eh ?


The dembo co opt of Madison bares reviewing mf

State level ballot boxery really isn't that surprising if the public sector unions
Are the target

My favorite moments in state politics are those during reconstruction

When the white south redeemed regional democracy
Errrr majority race rule and home rule
But the mechanisms are there for both sides of any scrap

The recall wave is plenty good
Given the futility of anything bigger happening at this stage

General strike ?

Hey they almost happened in a few cities in the 70's
Driven by local pub sec workers ...almost ....almost

It's national politics that look silly .....occupy Penn ave ?
Leave that to the resurgent Klan

Op sez on 10.13.11 @15:26:
By freak outs i mean
I'm thinking more like the police riots at the Chicago dem convention in 68
and the shootings by the national guard at Kent state in. 70

Ah, OK, I see.

Well, apparently there's been a police freakout in Boston; a bunch of cops tore down an American flag and roughed up a bunch of war veterans while trying to break up the Boston occupation camp. The NYPD can't really be said to be freaking out because that's the way they always are. The DC cops, from what I can tell, are behaving normally.

Then, at the other end of the spectrum, there's the Austin, TX cops who, from all accounts, have been downright friendly and have pretty much kept hands off. In fact, the other day, it was reported that a gaggle of Austin protesters were standing in front of a line of mounted cops holding signs reading We Are Fighting For Your Pensions; a little while later, one of the cops came up to them and said "Yeah, I know," and thanked them.

I found this a bit frustrating as it totally conflicts with my firm editorial position on the police (basically: kill 'em all; let Jah sort 'em out).


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lots o gadgets


[perhaps Tuni---

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