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Oh shit, here we go again

By Michael J. Smith on Tuesday October 18, 2011 11:09 PM

It was bound to happen: turns out the Occupy Wall Street kids are really, well, brownshirts:

Occupy Wall Street: Does anyone care about the anti-Semitism?
By Jennifer Rubin

In the millions of pixels devoted to the radical Occupy Wall Streeters, virtually nothing has been said about its anti-Semitic elements.

Turns out the anti-Semitic elements are pretty thin on the ground, judging by the evidence Ms Rubin cites: mostly a little quickie video from something called The Emergency Committee For Israel (funny, isn't it, how Israel has just been one long emergency, and no end in sight?).

What we seem to have here is one encounter between a couple of uncharacteristically splenetic occupiers(*) and an obvious provocateur (with a cameraman hovering providentially over his shoulder).

But of course, for this sort of thing evidence is superfluous. A friend of mine -- who I had not actually realized was quite so reactionary, but who will remain a friend as far as I'm concerned, because I can't afford to lose any -- fulminated on facebook that OWS was anti-Semitic merely on the strength of the slogan 'we are the 99%'. He feared that this slogan was covertly anti-Semitic and an invitation to "ritual violence".

I had to laugh at this one. The only ritual violence I can foresee in connection with OWS will emanate from the NYPD, for whom ritual violence is a way of life.

People who really want to find out what these kids are all about should just go visit. Don't take my word for it, or Rubin's. The Fulton Street and Wall Street subway stops are really close by -- a five minute walk.

And if you don't live in New York -- well, visit your local. The thing is all over the place now, or so I hear. Who knew there were so many anti-Semites and ritual-violents in the world?


(*) If they really are occupiers rather than out-of-work actors or Red Squad cops, both of which abound in New York,

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Al Schumann:

Rubin's complaint is excruciatingly tedious. I've gotten the same manipulative schtick over and over again from poorly socialized preppies. People hate them! For who they are! They're never despised for what they do.


In related news, the U.S. Representative for New York's 2nd congressional district is reportedly considering changing his name to from Steve J. Israel to "Steve Judea-Samaria" to counter charges of anti-Semitism that were recently leveled against him because of his silence at the spectacle of the OWS brownshirts.

As Norman Finkelstein once said of the annual UN vote on resolution of the Israel-Palestine conflict:

Then, if you go down through all the resolutions on the Israel/Palestine conflict—ALL the resolutions—you'll note that the largest number of dissents you get is six: the United States, Israel, the Federated States of Micronesia, the Marshall Islands, and then two countries—Nauru and Tuvalu. You know I teach Political Science, I'm supposed to know something about geography, I'd never heard of Nauru or Tuvalu. All I know about Nauru is it's about a block long and it's main export is phosphate, which it gets from bird droppings. So that's Nauru—you know, this is the Coalition so we should be serious about these places.

The other member of the Coalition is Tuvalu. OK, Tuvalu is an interesting story, because Tuvalu is also an island, and its main problem is it's on the verge of disappearing, because the tide is rising and Tuvalu is going under. Now, it's an interesting story because the reason that Tuvalu's tide is rising is because of global warming. And a reason for global warming is because the United States won't sign the Kyoto Protocol. So what you have, basically, is this: the United States won't sign the Kyoto Protocol, the tide is rising, and as the tide rises Tuvalu is disappearing. Now if Tuvalu disappears, one of Israel's main allies is missing. So it's only a matter of time before Israel accuses the United States of anti-Semitism.


I don't know how to do computers, but someone needs to make a bingo board for everyone so we can have a more fun and enjoyable way to keep track of the 3-5 daily smears that are being desperately hurled against the inchoate mass of OWS. Or at least make a list.

So far I've got:
Anti-Semetic / Nazis
They rape people
Harmful to local businesses
Nuisance to local residences

What did I miss? What will be next?
Harboring illegal immigrants?
Harboring prostitutes?
Hating on the military?
Harmful / Neglectful of children?

What else? It sure is beautiful how none of it is sticking though.


Racism has certainly been tried -- mostly by professional liberal anti-racists rather than right-wingers, though. I'll see if I can dig up a link. At some point a statement being worked on by the occupiers contained the phrase 'we are all one race'. Oh the indignation! How dare you say such a thing, you anti-anti-racist liquidationist racist!



This one MJS? One thing I noticed, in the retelling of the story of getting the line changed the events seem to just be the SAJ group voicing their objections and then everyone agreed and it was changed, but then later in the article it says they had to fight for it. So emphatically that it gets said twice. Did a bunch of stuff get left out or is this just something that I in my whitedudeness can't understand?


That's the item. I too found it very confusing.


So far I've got:
Anti-Semetic / Nazis
They rape people
Harmful to local businesses
Nuisance to local residences

What did I miss? What will be next?

You forgot the strongest indictment of them all: they're mostly white, and male. No doubt liberal apologists of class privilege will soon be deploying the "white privilege" canard to explain the relative absence of PoCs among the demonstrators. The right to be pepper-sprayed and bludgeoned with an exclusive set is apparently one of the privileges that comes with a lack of melanin in this society.


If Americans were really as anti-Semitic as the usual suspects allege, then bullshit accusation of anti-Semitism would have no sting whatsoever. The fact that they still have the power to destroy lives and compel compliance despite their repetitive and pro-forma overuse suggests that genuine anti-Semitism is in fact rare.

For some peculiar reason, we tend to prioritize anti-Semitism above any and all forms of bigotry in the US, despite the fact that at least within the American context, Jews have never been a particularly beleaguered minority. Isn't it time that a simple "Who gives a fuck?" becomes the default answer to this monotonous slander?


My impression about the demographics of the occupiers is that the crowd is a bit whiter than an American random sample -- though the melanin-gifted are by no means rare -- and probably majority male, though by no means overwhelmingly so. There are lots of women there. The homogeneity of the crowd has been much exaggerated, for obvious polemical purposes.

I know the mass is "inchoate," as someone said above, but I think it's really good that their mission statements (or whatever they are) reflect race and class as part of the same system of oppression rather than sweeping it under the rug with "we are all one race." It's bad to put out shit that makes you sound clueless, especially if you do want to build a diverse mass movement. Minorities reading that probably would not be encouraged; it's pretty hard for Americans not to be frequently reminded we're not one race if they're not white.

The way to combat liberal anti-racism is with socialist anti-racism.


Given the Orwellian nature of political talk, it won't be long before the 99% are accused of elitism.

The way to combat liberal anti-racism is with socialist anti-racism.
I think the way to combat liberal anti-racism and racism both is socialism tout court. Liberte, egalite, fraternite -- doesn't that still pretty much cover it?

That fraternite is the sticking point, good sir.


Régis Debray has some interesting things to say on fraternité. Here's an excerpt from the paywalled review.


Site de jour :


Naming names
Gathering the rapsheets
digital stalking the ghouls inchief

All part of the move of the struggle to the job site



Theattempt to make OWS an amerurican microcosm is idiotic

They are Allah be praised

A primitive petty bourgeois avant guard


Struggling mightily against any new pre figuration phantasms
Is un necessary
They dissipate of their own accord
In due time

For the moment god's speed is the best reaction
By us old ones

And perhaps a nudge toward the nexus of exploitation
If not oppression
The great corporate job sites of norte amigo land


Regarding the video...

"Hate is not an American Value."

Since when?

Here you go, Smith and Friends:


OWS is a Salem trials "Witch Hunt" against job creators.


Cheryl's husband haim has a reported 3 or4 billions

Shame on the OWS raw ones
for rattling their commodity cages
At the two of them


need to paint the occupiers as witchhunting decent folks who just happen to have the good fortune of a good fortune.
so draw a line in the sand around the innocent and beloved murdoch?

someone cut school on propaganda day.


The anarcho-belchist
Declaration from the tip of manhattan


Forgive them for they know not what thru do

Urban farming is a step forward from the Thoreau retro communes of the 60's

much else seems better then our generations attempt
to reverse the babalonian curse


Takes more than mild self regard and a touch of cultural narcissism to assume that (a) you're so awesomely powerful as to assume that the 1% = you and (b) the whole thing is simply ALL ABOUT YOU.

What, the old white shoe Ivy goyim are chopped baloney? And the nouveau riche sub-continentals chopped lamb?


BTW, Israel, like capitalism, seems to need emergencies and crises the way the rest of us need air and food.


I wonder at the degree of cultural narcissism it takes for the reactionary cheerleaders, beneficiaries and enforcers of the medical industrial complex to imagine they are part of the 99 percent.



I'm pretty much 100 percent in agreement with the Liberty Square Blueprint. These kids are way more tuned in than we give them credit for. I love how they can use a term like "shadow government" without fear of some parrot shouting "conspiracy theory" at them. This system didn't spring from Zeus's side, ffs.

I admire the commitment to learn what works and adjust accordingly rather than adhere to the fossilized ideologies of the past.



A list father s belongs to
is in a major twister game over the anarcho clique
down at liberty forest
that has
so far effectively
blocked any call for jobs by the assembled multitude

appeals to THE STATE are off bounds

Appeals to the better side of our humanity only


Indeed let us cast aside
the fossilized ideologies of the past

but more crucially

let us
the fossilized ideologies of the future

Al Schumann:

Appeals to the state would be a terrible mistake. They're is still building momentum and, as yet, have no power to compel. They're also doing a damn good job of making themselves appealing, and I think that's a very good idea.


Yes Al!

A list of minimum demands from this
Formation turns it into a prison yard sit down
By a pack of trustees

Hardened jobblers would mutter

The blue print just comes off like lenons


The fact that the jabbering heads keep jawing about how OWS must state Their Demands tells me the folks downtown are doing things just right. Keep growing, keep 'em guessing. Their very existence is enough right now. They exist to exist. They are glorious Facts on the Ground.


You took the words out of my mouth, CZ.

And speaking of mouths -- isn't this the gift horse we've been hoping for for a long time? I mean, people stopping traffic in considerable numbers, and for reasons that we can all recognize as well-chosen.

Looking it in the mouth seems insane, frankly.


Yes, and hopefully a wild, bucking stallion at that.


That's the great thing about young people. The energy, the boldness, the hopefulness -- all the things that get beat out of you by the time you enter your seventh decade. Grinchery from the sidelines seems like the sin against the Holy Ghost.


Note well

" On Oct 21, 2011, at 10:49 AM, Chris Maisano wrote:

> So the anarchist types who have been running the show behind the scenes and actively disrupting the meetings of the working group crafting the jobs for all demand (so much for leaderlessness and self-organization) have finally unveiled their Liberty Square Blueprint - and it is utter rubbish. Not a single word about the tens of millions of unemployed and underemployed, the tens of millions without health insurance, and the tens of millions in poverty. Instead, we read about bartering, urban farming, and charities. Amazing.

> The only good thing about this is that its obvious limitations could create an opening for socialists to contend for a greater degree of political and ideological influence within the movement and raise demands that might actually resonate with a broadly-based constituency."

The Doug roars :

"Holy shit, that's awful. Among many things, they seem poisoned by the belief that open source software can save the world. (Apparently their open-source software doesn't have a spell checker, unless they think there's something
revolutionary about spelling it "Correlary."

The wish list - which they weirdly refer to as bullet point visions - is incredibly vague. How do we "Empower marginalized people to express themselves, build community, and engage systemic/cultural discrimination"? Who are the "we" that grant "them" this power?
The economic planks:
> • Create an economy in harmony with nature - by
> • Researching, developing and implementing economic models that pursue thriving, abundant and prosperous outcomes for humanity and life - growing beyond the dichotomy of unsustainable and sustainable development. These economic models must be based on sound ethical assumptions and observed individual and market behavior through behavioral economics and econometrics
> • Implementing and improving community currencies, barter, sharing, and trade systems Building the support and precedence for local and large scale production of renewable energy and food resources
> • Eliminating financial/resource speculation that supports the current economy at the expense of future generations
> • Learning from and empowering indigenous people in the transition to an economy in harmony with nature - as we
> • Make NYC a pioneer of urban farming, renewable energy, grass roots urban/rural exchange, quantitative economic policy and indigenous leadership

are close to meaningless. Who are the "we" that would eliminate speculation, and how? Presumably not state bodies, so who then? What the fuck kind of econometrics do they have in mind? Vector autoregressions will set us free? Community currencies and barter are ludicrous - evidently they never consulted Graeber on the nonexistence of barter societies.

Did "Ketchup" have anything to do with this?

Doug. "

This is a fragment from father s's favorite list
On the blue printosted up by the anarcho wing of the occwall multitude
Doupwood ping ponging with some bearcat named mullion mouth or something



The dugout dungwood is a prize shit blimp



Another declartion from a occwall fraction
This a set of demands


God, how nuts these kids are, trying to envision a sustainable way to live on the planet. Because, as you know, the alternative is working out so beautifully.

Maybe NYC has to turn to shit like Detroit before Dougie takes these ideas seriously for Gotham.

Al Schumann:

The yuppie cheese-gripping Democrats are trying to make money off OWS.


An anguished cheese-gripper responds with the usual huffy sanctimony.



Above satirist's own site


"So, whose side will you be on, Democrats? There is a
lot of concern at Liberty Plaza that you (and your de
facto activist wing, MoveOn) are trying to co-opt our
movement, notably raising funds for yourselves by
dropping our name. This is a fool's errand - we are, in
principle, not co-optable. Instead, acquiesce to us.
Take a look at all the advice [16] we're getting about
what sorts of legislation [17]to demand, and you demand
them instead. After all, you're the ones whose job it
is to make policy, not us. Our job is to make you make
policy by creating a crisis. Well, here's the crisis.
What are you going to do about it?"

Myerson gisted

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