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By Michael J. Smith on Thursday October 13, 2011 09:34 PM

Even the Times is laughing at the Mexican-Iranian car salesman terror plot. Even my colleagues in the sweatshop are laughing at it. There's a video monitor there, in the bullpen, playing CNN 24/7, and this relentless bombardment of coarse propaganda has lowered their resistance to obvious nonsense. But even so, they can't swallow this one. They just laugh.

Who does Eric Holder remind me of?

This face is very evocative. Oddly enough, there's a touch of Ralph Nader in it, and a touch of Yogi Bear, and a bit of Charlie Chaplin, but I'm still off target. There's something about the disposition of eyebrows and mustache that tugs at my mental sleeve, and I feel so tremulously close to recovering it -- and yet it hasn't surfaced. I think it's a cartoon character. Is it Shenzi, from the Lion King? --

-- though Shenzi, to do him justice, didn't have a vile caterpillarish coplike mustache.

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Sounds like the handiwork of the same Keystone Kapos who just gone done with entrapment of a minimum-wage stocker and a piss-poor disturbed person:

For much of the sting, it was unclear whether Cromitie, who worked the night shift at Walmart, was serious about engaging in terrorism or was just desperate for cash. On one occasion, Cromitie was taped asking Malik for money to buy groceries. When Malik gave him a camera to photograph potential bomb targets, Cromitie immediately sold it to a neighbor for $50. The remaining defendants, whom Cromitie recruited a month before the bombing was to take place, included a schizophrenic who lived in a crack house, surrounded by bottles of his own urine.

I think the Ralph Nader comparison is striking.

You might want to check out my blog for a recent face comparison of my pal "Tim" Geithner. Here's the link: http://piedcow.blogspot.com/2011/10/press-release-for-immediate.html

I enjoy your blog; keep up the good work.


Whatever the similarity to other envelops
the quint essence of our att-gen de journey is obvious eh?

Masively non threatening black fellah

He has a near fawn like daintiness eh?

I recall none better in the annals of amerikan public services

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