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Parlor Game Theory

By Al Schumann on Friday November 4, 2011 11:00 AM

Edgy stuff, or thin Lakoffian gruel; take your pick.

Might the Democrats expand their moral range without betraying their principles? Might they even find ways to improve their policies by incorporating and publicly praising some conservative insights?

If I've understood the gist of the essay, the answer to the first question is easy. Yes, they could expand their moral range without betraying their principles. They'd need principles first, which might cause their actually existing moral range to contract. But a moral range that excludes drone attacks, for example, would be a significant improvement. Regrettably, that won't attract Republican voters.

The second question is a little harder. The definitions present an unbridgeable abyss. I'll try anyway. We have actually existing Democrats who do little besides concoct policy "incorporating and publicly praising some conservative insights". The result doesn't improve anything, and it doesn't attract Republican voters. Why would it? They've got a comfortable brand identity.

Here's a little shift, for emphasis. There are plenty of professors who criticize the tenure system and bemoan its failures, but how many of them reject the benefits, once they're offered and once they have them? The system serves their needs and interests pretty well.

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Ingroup. Authority purity
Missing from the ms mil liberal formula




For full meaning and effect, I recommend reading the following with a thick German accent:

"it is also about binding groups together, supporting essential institutions, and living in a sanctified and noble way."

Or just translate into the original German.

You mean like, "Es geht auch um bindenden Gruppen zusammen und unterstützt die wesentlichen Institutionen und das Leben in einer heiligen und edlen Weg!"?

Nothing the Democrats do will attract Republicans. The GOP base is certain that Obama is a socialist, and that his austerianism is Marxist-Leninism.


This site has become skunk hollow for you hierarchy haters

The cult of nyet

I guess there's a certain purity in that

Though the in group loyalty round here
tends to wobble some too

And justice wrestles compassion

not that a true feline stampede would bring me join
But Oh how the categories can break out of their stalls

Must be frustrating for grand systematizers

Any faith in hierarchy, as such, is predicated upon the unwillingness to know the history of its application, op. It's faith, precisely for its ignorance of the acts. Or worse, for its refusal to consider them, in anticipation of the ideal, instead.

"Hierarchy hating" is a sound default position, given that history.

But, before you poesie off into how good hierarchy will have a glorious and popular future, once theory and practice consummate their revolutionary marriage in the bosom of the correctly constituted and properly managed social order, remember your own Clio has her stone tablets in hand, and the past from which she read spells out a sounder truth: the hierarchy what comes before foretells its probable future.

Al Schumann:

One of the great failures of Democratic thinking is the belief that working class Republicans are necessarily voting against their own interests.

A job with a defense contractor, or any contractor that benefits from federal largesse, is usually a pretty good job. In states where the welfare system is thin and mean, you vote for whoever brings income to the family breadwinners.

Al, the military-national component can't be overlooked either, especially when it's grounded in "Southern culture." I was recently chatting with the son of a miner, who lived in Tennessee. Working class, not too trusting of banks, real mistrustful of what MJS calls "clerks." But, eight years in the Army have left their effect. Doesn't mean everyone who ever went in the Army will end up a Jesuser Republican, but the cumulative effects of education, church, culture and rather successful Republican messaging certainly show up.


I agree Al. And you get socialism of a kind without calling it that, and wrapped in patriotism and national defense. Who would want that, plus more importantly food on the table, taken away? And to be replaced by what exactly? "Green technology" jobs?



the payroll tax robbery these past 35 years
and the rise of health premiums
on some level
blue collars sense mastah Jeffs party
is behind this

the clinton first two years
no workin familly tax cut
but nafta and a botched health scam


since the kold war ended
hard hat imperialism i think
has declined in its impact among the pie cards and
the officially bribed wage earning strata

no more george meany brain bubbles these days
over the dove wing of the jack assery

nafta causes the brian bubbles now

Nicely said. Reminiscent of the Sinclair quote.

In the theater of politics, the Democrats seem to have the advantage of - in addition to having their own respective clueless Anhänger - being able to herd true believers and agnostics alike, the latter being those who think they know what their master "really means".

To wit: the "liberal media's" running with the outrage every time a military man gets clubbed by a copper. Members of the gallery may or may not actually feel the outrage, but they eat it up nevertheless and, like their balloteers, play the part for whatever they think they can get out of it.


does the working class of north amerika need a general staff ??

to those of us willing to answer

and i answer yes

even if its inchoate now
barely at the threshold of the self organizing stage
and in a protracted struggle within itself
to even confirm its objectives merit

and needless to say
of course even in conception even pre embryo from the broader job class pov
still largely seen as an unasked for
"self appointed" if not sectarian "mission"

at best
we morte amigos
are in a post party/pre party interzone

much cloudy swurling
pre struggle struggle
still awaits
the eager neo-leninist

a coherent nucleus emerges
much must erupt at us
from out of the future

Palsgraf V. Lawnguyland:

Nothing the Democrats do will attract Republicans. The GOP base is certain that Obama is a socialist, and that his austerianism is Marxist-Leninism.

Nothing a Lord of The PowerNoggin Demesne does will attract actual critical thinkers. The PowerNoggin Demesne is full of people who are certain that every Republican is an idiot Teap Artier who wants to lynch every black woman on the planet.

Reaction is strong in the Karl/Carl/J Thompson.

Al Schumann:
Nothing the Democrats do will attract Republicans. The GOP base is certain that Obama is a socialist, and that his austerianism is Marxist-Leninism.

Yes indeed. It's instructive as well that the Heritage Foundation regime of Obama, worse already than Baby Doc Bush's regime, can't sway the Democratic base. Both "sides" are intractable and have so much in common that they can't help but hate each other.


Narcissism of small differences now revised: narcissism of no difference.



"Both "sides" are intractable and have so much in common that they can't help but hate each other."


when it comes to the core of any kulturkampf
its always bloody fratricide

the anti racist sneer
excellent example of white on white crime

the anti sexist sneer
excellent example of male on male crime

the anti greed sneer

excellent example of burger on burger crime

Al, see it alot in the "if only Hillary had won" arguments, as well. This idea that the other Clinton was given the reins of the death machine, conservative women would have found common cause with the Democrats.

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