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Worth a thousand words

By Michael J. Smith on Thursday November 10, 2011 09:29 PM

This is one of the most eloquent images I have seen in a long time. Sarko so excited he can't keep both feet on the ground -- note the dwarfish buffoon's elevator heels. Silvio with his tongue hanging out so far he's about to topple over. Then there's policy-monk Obie gazing vaguely off into the middle distance with the usual peevish pissy schoolmaster look on his face; and that poor Canadian, Whatsisname, apparently having an autism flashback.

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Hopper's the name. Step 'n' Hopper.


Very Louis XIV of Sarko. What is it with French monarchs and heels?


Sarkozy and Berlusconi show bad taste: they believe that privileges are all the sweeter when enjoyed before the gawking peasantry.

Obama shows good taste: he believes that privilege is rather vulgarized when enjoyed before the unappreciative public.

La Rochefoucauld said hypocrisy is the homage paid by vice to virtue. It could be argued that hypocrisy is the homage vice pays to itself.

The master of democracy's revels should be photogenically solemn: impressed by his own austere squint as he ponders the orgy that he happens to be hosting.

Antonello, you have a way with words. Well said.

"Peevish, prissy schoolmaster look"?

Yeah, I guess you could call it that. I, myself, always referred to it as The Incontinent Look.


This interview from David Harvey is an interesting read. I can't help but wonder at the way the neo-liberal project was rigged to explode. We have spoiled 3rd generation oligarchs who have lost track of what's real and what's propaganda for the masses.

I don't think the brutal crackdown, such as it is will amount to much. Our betters will ask police to brutalize citizens as they slash their pay and foreclose on their house and eliminate their pension. They can help but treat all workers like crap, it's what the book says to do.

In the meantime they have made tax revenue so dependent on wage income that they will never close the budget deficit. Germany wants to keep exporting stuff to Greeks that they can't afford, declining oil production will send food prices soaring and limit so called force projection. The markets will continue to churn increasingly useless paper pretending all the loans will be paid back with interest. And all the oligarchs do is vote themselves more money and tell each other how clever they are.

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