" well somebody's gotta break those bank windows"

By Owen Paine on Friday December 23, 2011 08:26 AM

union staff hack milly paine
dark op trouble maker and my daughter
fired that line at me the other day

and i've been revolving it in my meme centrafuge ever since
i'm getting a few prelim indications of a pattern
but i turn to you comrades

what is there in this notion:

Clio has many roles for us to play from time to time .

my first reaction is to note that of course its the ' from time to time' bit that is the rub ...no ??

this is a time burdened with possibility
so lots that otherwise might seem senselessly counter productive and only serve to alibi
official crack downs
is now and for a certain indecent interval maybe not only a righteous but a right action

maybe now during this opportune time we need a group or three orbiting around out there
raising a certain petty vandals version of retributive hellfire

we hope we are entering a general mass turn toward disobedience and even outlawry
a time for upping the transgessive ante
maybe now we the people need this quality of nihilistic inspiration
maybe we need a bout of nasty defiant desecrational and purely destructive gestures,,,,

an outburst of dark thunder symbolic acts


surely most of us weebles have nothing against
busting a few fuckin banks glass fronts now do we ???

lets start with that assumption anyway
and maybe work back to some optimal circumstances

hey my mother always claimed
there's a time and a place for everything under the sun


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Julio [TypeKey Profile Page]:

At the moment nihilism is the only true expression of the underlying dissatisfaction -- every other discussion gets immediately polluted by the assumptions of the underlying system. Someone's got to keep the sentiment alive.

Re "disobedience and even outlawry " -- we're a government of laws, no? Where the corruption and amorality are codified. Hard to avoid outlawry.

Somebody's got to do it. (As of now I'm delegating to and relying on the young, which may be my own shortcoming, but I digress).

Merry Christmas to you. And to Milly.

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