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do any of you share me wish to be a russian today ?

By Owen Paine on Tuesday December 6, 2011 11:25 AM

our two party state strikes me as a far far harder regime to take
than mother russia's present set up

a tammany amerika would be a nicer rougher more invigorating nightmare than this putrifying
two headed dog puke we swim thru here

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Y'know, I've been following the news from Russia, and -- in spite of everything -- yeah, I'd actually rather be a Russian right now. Don't ask me why.

Perhaps it goes back to what you said about the ennui-soaked, turgid, suffocating atmosphere we're choking on the US.

The Mathmos:

Entirely agree. Belonging to a place where the End of History isn't a mass-mediated fact-on-the-ground seems to be quite the rush.

There would at least be a lot more people who weren't vulnerable to things like Daily Kos.

Beyond that, is it worse to drown than burn?


I loved being a Russian (even if only an immigrant worker of questionable legality) for my several years. Never been anywhere else where the people understand so well and so fully that they stand on the side of their friends and neighbors and opposed to their rulers and associated organs.

The acceptable (practically expected, even, if not for the fact that Russians don't seem inclined to worry about the contents of other people's heads and souls) mode of relation there to the ruling class and their diktats is... to ignore them whenever possible, and to avoid them when not. That first is almost always viable, though, and in the rare cases where not, the second is attainable for very reasonable cash payment at a level accessible to all.


to avoid miss understanding

i prefer all thinga amerikan to nearly anything foreign

i just wish we had one big network of interlocking nested party machines
grinding away day after day above us

party machines that gave out
stuffed turkey's to their respective loyal bases
at xmas
halloween and easter
and in return
this lovely pre setablished harmony
only required
on every even year
come the first tuesday in november
the assurence
they can collect back
a votin' nation's worth
of stuffed ballot boxes

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