elephant v jack ass ....so why even a dimes worth of difference ??

By Owen Paine on Wednesday December 28, 2011 09:53 AM

i say there's
lots of valid answers to that ...of course there are

the greatest country on earth's providential orthrian swindle ??

why folks isn't it built right into the system ??

we the weebles
will always get the likes of that tidiously blatant
' two ways to no where' false set of options
or some other equivalent shambolee
some other "culture specific"
forced non choice ballot boxing tournement


fuck in fact baby some such" rig a gig" is a "wildly over determined"
"product" of any possible up to dated
corporate dominated modern market based society


i'd just like to point out

one strand of possible real but largely submerged causation here today:

the election of POTUS next
as just another 'relative and absolute'
"weighing of mass forces"

---- background moment----:

in each electoral contest
( as complex as the array of apparent brand based
alternative outcomes that float on the surface )
in the final event
will boil down to a few decisive real dime's worth of differences
ie just a few notable cola v uncola choices that will "objectively weigh the pollity at that moment

and its from these implicit choices
expressed by the masses ( and the intensity of their expression)
between alternative future paths for "the system "
that "the system's " keepers and guardians
can and will sense for themselves
the span of action-re action both open to them
and collectively judged to be better for the mid term stability of the system itself

-- ie needless to say
the actions/ reactions in these dimensions are indeed
more or less pre- constrained by the specific framings of the two possible outcomes ---

now as to the real choice next fall

well there isn't much f one this time so far

why ??

take one option
say if its a romney v ohbummer battle

this will amount to less of a choice space
then ohbumer gingrich
in fact no choice space worth sweating over at all really

but here's where you better separate yourself
from the crack pots

if on the other hand it is a gingrich type scare crow barry faces

say gingrich gets the nod .....

do we pwogs panic retrench circle the wagons
unite like so many chicken littles behind ohbummer
cackle into line behind the barry re elect crowd
say along side the senile pop front crones like the CP webb-ster-ites ??

i say no

i say we can trust the pissed off majority ...in the present context

the people that vote will do the right thing ...like in 1964

even so
either way

say the GOPers win the white house and it is a gingrich on a rogue mission

like the neo con mission after '00
only domestically aimed

well citizens just look at the outcome of the '10 elections

that GOPer reactionary landslide led to what ??

a bold over reach by the corporate guided "policy right ."
the win drunk dopes saw an opportunity to smash the pub sec unions
and took it

suddenly we pwogs had an openning
an openning called madison
and i submit occ wall street came of this hubris too
came of this over reach

the wall occ movement was a for sure for sure
after the corporate backed romping of winter '11

after that
we had real mass based push back

union pie cards forced into an alliance with raw progs

something not achieved even after '68

and its just while viewing this drama
these events after the GOPer landslide in '10
that we can make the decisive determination
about '12

and here i think is how we make this determination

...by the answer to one underlying question

does the corporate state today ...here and now ...
have room to reform itself ??

you know in this present conjuncture
ie this present global stag


must the state already pushed to the limit of its range
now simply react flail out at us weebles with a destructive fury ??

i submit there is indeed room enough here ... room enough for progressive reforms

and its precisely the soft handed multi level " state " reaction to the Occ
that i offer as exhibit A

so ??

well so we go for it we push harder .... we take the road taken by the left in summer/ fall '68

we kick as hard as our ability to raise hell allows

and at both heads of the orthrian hegemony

kick at ohbummer directly ??

well you know my take there
and its just tactics

my take
we have limited forces so why bother
one way or other

i say forget the national horse race all together
but u go ahead kick away

and either way "contest wise "

whether its romney v barry or barry v filll in the blank
headless dark horseman
nothing at stake but the specific choice it produces for fight back
after the election not b4
the next tactical stage ??

well imagine "the worse "
imagine if we get a gingrich as gop candidate
..he can't win anymore then goldwater in 64

the masses know theres a national reformation to be done here
and more imnportantly from the corporate suite view of this
unlike the always sited bruning dilemma

today a reactionary fantic need not win
not in this national system not with this ample room for reforms
not here and not now

re electing barry over a rightest scoundrel
will not threaten corporate hegemony but might improve the job class pottage flow

and per chance if we get romney as nom ... well that prez dispensor wax head
may be personally revolting to bare for 4 to 8 far worse then gingrich or perry even
or donald trump for that matter

but regardless of taste in the mouth
romney at the largest can only "be"
a wind up phoney remake of a nixon

which means as with the 68 choice
nixon v hump
barry v mit
would be as wallace suggsted at the time
only the thinest of dimes difference of a choice

and i say only
because if my generation of pink swine made a biggest strategic blunder
it was over personalizing "the enemy " of progressive reason and enlightenment

nixon was no anti christ

the hump and nixon were blood brothers two heads jutting out of the same kold war body

deposing the one head after 6 years of struggle was not a victory for the good fellahs
just the inevitable outcome of a shrewd guardian class "scape goat " deflection diversion scam

forget about who's potus next time and maybe the time after that

fight hard enough and we'll get a potus
facing mass demands he/she can't refuse to accept
ala lbj and NIXON !!!!

--- look back at the de facto "DOMESTIC " policy of nixon its continuity you see with the great society not a reversal that had to await reagan --

so sisters and brothers i say
stay on the beam
stick with blocking the flow
at a thousand different points
stay oriented toward the streets and squares
from wall street to the local city "green"

and stay aimed at the corporate hq behind the "multi level gubmint puppet show "

okay maybe add a taste of 1930's razzle dazle

maybe hit the job floors
maybe occupy a few of them ...next time

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I agree with this analysis, Mister Paine. Yet I cannot help but renew my call for Bo Ramney in '12.

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