Fight fair, dammit

By Michael J. Smith on Monday December 12, 2011 09:52 PM

Liberal Democrat Jean 'Nightstick Nellie' Quan, the mayor of Oakland, shares with a university president(*) the distinction of having repressed Occupiers most savagely so far. Of course this makes me very happy. Scratch a liberal and uncover a Fascist, as we used to say in the 60s; to which we might have added, scratch a pedagogue and uncover a cop.

Jeanie is very concerned with fairness, however:

“This is a city that has now been disrupted twice,” Mayor Jean Quan said in pleading again for restraint from demonstrators. “We think it’s unfair to the workers at the port.”
This reminds me of an old old joke.

Rome, the reign of Domitian. The impresarios at the Coliseum are always looking for ways to spice up the tired old lions-vs-Christians schtick. So they hit upon the idea of burying a Christian up to his neck in the sand of the arena, then letting the lion loose. Who knows? Might be fun. When all else fails, go for the laughs.

So the chosen Christian is duly buried and the lion let loose. Now the lion -- being a cat, and also probably an old theater hand, and a bit of a ham -- decides to toy with his prey for a while. He makes a few quick leaps and gambols over the luckless Christian's protruding head. But then, amazingly, the Christian superhumanly stretches his neck and adroitly bites the lion right in the balls.

Lion limps away to a corner, mewing piteously. Crowd goes wild, of course. Chris-TIAN! Chris-TIAN!

"Whoa! Timeout!" cries the burly centurion in charge. He strides into the arena and fetches the buried Christian a jaw-shattering kick upside the head. "Fight fair, dammit!"


(*) Linda 'Pepperspray' Katehi, whose Wikipedia entry makes instructive reading:

...She chaired until 2010 the President’s Committee for the National Medal of Science and the Secretary of Commerce’s committee for the National Medal of Technology and Innovation. She is a fellow and board member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and a member of other national boards and committees, including the National Security Higher Education Advisory Board.

In April 2011, Katehi was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences....

[At Davis] Katehi charged a committee with creating a new "Vision of Excellence" for the school. She also launched several blue ribbon committees: tech transfer and commercialization, research, information technology excellence, and organizational excellence.... As of 2009, Katehi's base annual salary was $400,000.

... Katehi launched the Hate-Free Campus Initiative to reaffirm the campus’s values and commitment to one another. The initiative included creation of "Beyond Tolerance Tuesday," collaboration with the Museum of Tolerance, and the creation of a speakers series and the Civility Project, which began with a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

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Hate-Free Campus?
Museum Of Tolerance?
Civility Project?


'Scuse me a minute, Smiff. I gotta go drive the bus -- if you know what I mean...

Al Schumann:

It's good to see the squirrels assisting the Democratic message. The little ones look thoroughly medicated; Ritalin, or whatever trendy drug has taken its place.


The homeless man under a 'Bush Wins' news paper is a nice touch. Really sells the heavy handed angy liberal writer angle and contrasting with the main theme of democrats pitching themselves as Orwellian paternal figures. But at a lower level it works as a direct dig at Clinton since he's already homeless as bush 'wins' and on dems in general since the 'author' of the book didn't catch that.

Overall This is a very fine piece of (republican?) crypto-propaganda. 8/10 troll.

Al Schumann:

The full spectrum therapeutic society envisioned by the liberals/squirrels is a surefire way to produce one generation after another of smugly paranoid, implacably entitled, relentlessly self-involved wingnuts. Perhaps that's what they had in mind. There has never been a people so thoroughly dedicated to making a virtue of malign fecklessness.


Al: 'malign fecklessness' is such a gorgeous phrase I'm going to kill you and steal it.

Leon: Does the troll rating apply to the image or the post? Just askin'.

At least the Romans, as a lot, never felt too induced to apologize for being Romans. Liberals seem perpetually in the grip of a bad conscience, compelled to offer explanations and justifications for what comes naturally to them.

Filled up mouth pouches and hidden stashes of nuts are what squirrels do. Why apologize?


The image.

The post was good for a chuckle but I don't think you could toss it in a thread on some random fora and expect mass bans the next day.

Also, whoa my last post is a mess of typos 'n shit. I blame fiddly little cellphone keyboards.

Al Schumann:
Filled up mouth pouches and hidden stashes of nuts are what squirrels do. Why apologize?

They need to get in touch with their inner squirrel, Jack, that's what I think. Therapy hasn't failed. They've failed therapy. Though the sanctimony and self-loathing seem to cheer them a wee bit.

MJS, it's all yours. I cede it willingly, even if you do kill me anyway.


I've always loved this image. Quick, sports fans, who's the most hated man on the field? He ain't on the opposing team.

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