Happy New year

By Michael J. Smith on Saturday December 31, 2011 11:12 PM

Guantanamo Bay: coming soon to your neighborhood. Mr Hope and Change just signed today -- rather quietly -- a military spending bill which includes authorization for the military to 'detain' anybody, anywhere, and indefinitely -- including Amurrican citizens -- whenever it pleases.

Of course Obie says he won't use the power thus thrust upon him. What a guy.

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Happy same old to ya, Mr. Smith.


I'm not too worried about this NDAA shit. It's already going on. Now, they've just given themselves official permission (again) to do what they've been doing since Geronimo was shuttled for Arizona to Florida, or a slave was returned to his owner in antebellum Mississippi.


Happy New Year to you too! Just in time for the 50th anniversary of a colonial style massacre in the City of Lights when cops used to impunity in their dealings with the lesser breeds momentarily forgot they were dealing with white folks instead. These lawless methods (and personnel) tend to travel from hinterland to the centers of culture, just as renegade generals like Franco (but not quite MacArthur) tend to boomerang from punitive campaigns to ornate chambers.

I must say that I'm almost enjoying our steadily-increasing progression into an authoritarian state.

I'm enjoying it in the same macabre way one might enjoy watching train wreck after train wreck.

Perhaps the most astounding point is that, notwithstanding all the train wrecks taking place at ever-closer proximities to our front doors, the public evidently prefers to self-stimulate.

I guess it doesn't matter too much, because aren't aliens supposed to invade us this year and end civilization?


That's the point, exactly. Field tested on brown people for fifty, sixty, a hundred years - and then middle and academic class white folks start acting like the very occasional intrusion of the police apparatus into their spheres of existence is the end of the fucking world or some grand alteration in the fabric and rubrics of society.


So long as barbarians are kept outside the gates, "detainment", etc. are of little concern to me. Don't worry, Obama, Panetta, and their cohorts have tested out their formula for telling friend from foe which targets only perpetrators of "theocratic-barbarism".

"Obie says he won't use the power..."

Hey, why detain when you can take folks out with drones?


My neighborhood? Shit, you mean they don't even ship ya off to the Caribbean anymore? well there go my vacation plans.

Phoenix, Arizona has its own little Guantanamo Bay, replete with tent cities, racial profiling, and pink uniforms for the inmates. I think we're just waiting on our black-bag headwear to arrive from Sears.


i love this

barry adds another key piece
to the unitary cyclops presidency

now indeed we too
we middle class folks
can be taught to fear our great leader

but not right away of cours
this provision is for a rainy day
after re election ...heh heh heh
or if fates don't so allow
why then ...prez romney can use this detention power
oh that nasty latter day hair nazi
you know he will
why he'll do anything
and just for kicks

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