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They're coming to get you

By Michael J. Smith on Wednesday December 7, 2011 10:31 PM

I inadvertently started that old prognosticating hare in an earlier post, by suggesting it was possible that Obie might be a one-term wonder. The smart money is against me.

I admit the Rs are definitely putting their worst foot forward -- as if they were resigned to a McGovern or Goldwater moment. Look how long it took 'em to shut down that fool Cain.

On the other hand, I bet lots of people who turned out in '08 will stay home in '12; but of course the fluoridation loons and the fetus fanciers and the flat-earthers will all show up as they always do. The Dems as usual are counting on fear to drive people into their camp; it will be interesting to see how well it works, especially with the younger folks. I get the sense that they're not quite so fearful as their elders.

Me, I'm hoping for the looniest Republican of the pack, whoever that might be -- somebody who will be for the American presidency what Elagabalus was for the Severans.

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Al Schumann:

The most desirable loons don't stand a chance.


I give credit to Mr. Davis for heeding the word of God and brandishing a femur-sized wrench. Lamentably, he's unlikely to literally prostitute himself. Call it my moral vanity, but I'll settle for nothing less than a true party bottom. And not one of them has shown so much as a coy come hither.

On the bright side, arch fetus dude Randall Terry is running as a Democrat.

history without latin:

"for the American presidency what Elagabalus was for the Severans. "

to tighen the parallel

for the reagan dynasty what THE BIG E
was for the Severans "

not to offend our trans sexual community
but THE BIG E was not first quality
Augustian material


" of course the fluoridation loons and the fetus fanciers and the flat-earthers will all show up as they always do"
now father that glib toss only reinforces liberal-gwog stereotypes

flat fetus fanciers like myself
never ballot box
we stand in the bushes
near the local polling station
with an electrified net
ready to ensnare
a few raw young hoper boys
for a carting away
to " to a very personal basement" level
club house
for a patient carefully administered
deprogramming reconditioning session

in my case
that's how i met the young Al Schumann


buck thorn in the side
and Dembo candidate
vermin supreme
has recently endorsed
my close pen pal
tom "workless asshole " walker
for global job market emperor

tentative imperial scam-paign slogan :

"naked i come on to you my future subjects "

Al Schumann:

There's a groundswell for Vermin Supreme; a roaring, undulating riptide of popular acclaim. He's going to bring honor and dignity to a contest long since become a frightening and vicious farce.



listen to Al you creepy fools !!!!!

vermin supreme is princeps baby

strictly princeps all the way

I love the last sentence, but you don't have to go that late in the Empire for an example.

Incitatus for president!

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