pivot time

By Owen Paine on Wednesday December 21, 2011 11:00 AM

"The Obama administration is in the middle of a major shift in foreign policy - a "strategic pivot," in the words of the White House - in two regions of the world: Asia and Africa. In both cases, a substantial buildup of military forces and a gloves-off use of force lie at the heart of the new approach."
that's big picture outsider as insider --- the chronic desperate chancer--Conn O'Hammerty writing in the latest ish of counter punch "hard copy"

apres sub vocalizing this piece
your reporter consulted an authority of note
ousted foreign service officer and grad school chum foggy bottom Y

"old underwear owen old and yes once quite soiled.... but now long since washed and dried .... look .this dual pivot was in the cards pre 9/11 .. you helots oughta consider the double down sand trap excursioning of baby bush nothing more then a brief off pattern romp... like central america in the 80's "

"what !"

" gulf oil is one thing ..... hell man we got sham project "contain iran" to keep
every one over there around the oil fields honest ... but the pipe lines to the stans ???.... that's side show stuff.... strictly side show ..."

as always he continued on into mockery :

"fuck sometimes i wonder about you pink MNC haters...you're like frat boys into big tits
....given time to digest upheavals and such our blessed limited liability energy boys
ain't that literal or that short sighted ... they look at the whole body its proportions its dynamics ..okay not it's soul ..but who with a job to complete does that anyway ???...
to them the arab spring is evidence the basket case future of that composite region
is long enduring ...and as for us civilizers and crusaders in the service of our country
i can assure you for us --non israeli agents at least -- the anti russian great game
is now about as central as ..well ..'wheel of fortune' to a local station's pre prime time line up

" ... the muslim menace ??..... come on paine ..really now ..the secret master plan of wall street since gorby danced into the spot light has been simple enough for a kitten to grasp:
off load that whole hapless sand storm region from club med to the streets of mumbai onto the stoic shoulders of the two nasty sanctimonious killer states that book end the place
those resolute self serious jag offs that together with the kurds and maronites and assorted other sell out local peoples form a de facto greater co-prosperity
hindu- zionic eternal peace axis
i ask you
in the end isn't it their game to play out ...i mean after all ...isn't it ......??? "
the head wags slowly the hand reaches to the rugged chin

" am i to believe citizen y that 'our inner Uncle ' on advice of upper story lower manhattan .... long ago decided to let those extra fine very special choice humanist nations israel and hindia play the featured armed responder roles in camelstan...??"

" yes ... that is ... at least for the next few decent intervals and bar-ing any unforseeable eruptions and opportunities "

semi-incredulous me: " uhmm let those two just sally on ...go it alone without serious uncle ground forces .. ???"

"again ...yes ... in other words no more quags for us ... not there and NOT for uncle Sam's own sons and daughters "

"why ?"

" Uncle's got bright new ...post kold war strategic goals to pursue of a higher order
then the levant and with His ever more finite armed resources .. the question always arises 'what regions are worth daring the "other" into a direct action they'd have to refuse ??'...actions that might lead uncle himself to stick his own boot tip up a Han ass hole if
say it wonders too far into black africa .....
and of coursegiven their gonzo economy uncle needs .....and i mean right in the bastards own front yard ....to set up some lovely taiwan model hot foot receptions to any chin empire expansion "

there was more ....much more but you prolly got his drift in the first few sentences eh ??

btw here's the less hyperbolic mind of mr conn
reproduced for your delight :


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Pesky Eedjit:

That's hilarious that a super-brain like pseudonym "op" (MJS etc) would need to consult a "grad school chum" to get a reference on reality.

What, not enough opportunity to type more meaningless nonsense that masturbates your IQ?

Blah blah blah.

Maybe you should take a look in the existential and intellectual mirror now and again, "op."



here's another foggy bottom y tidbit

"the ever cyclical world oil supply narrative
is about to go into watch for the coming glut type chapter again "

not only that but
" captain amerika's norte amigo free market club
is but ten years from regaining energy
self reliance "

u turn there for sure
and obviously in consequence
the oily mideast
goes off world historical stage




If NATO is the left hand of G-d, the Seventh Fleet—permanently based at Yokosuka and shepherd to hundreds of nukes—is His right hand. What's wrong with that picture?

Don't you mean "divot"?


not sure this is sk's point
but it prompts this perhaps aleotory response :
our sea armada has the assignment
"contain iran "
ie threaten iran ...bluff iran ..perhaps quarantine iran

our carrier fleets
and our global pre positioning
of "airship" squadrons and missiles
were all designed
for such missions of excessively
unmuted agon ..display
the old rattle gig


i notice talk at the margins about troops on the ground post 14 in affgoonistan

point ??

too obvious eh

china is the shambolian target not iran

i note careful reference to positioning
our boots
in "east" affgoonistool
"east " as in
on the china not iran side
of that "troubled" land

get the hint bi-bingers ???

you is to be encircled and kept encircled
ala 40's roooosha

let it be noted chalmers johnsons conjecture:

if a target pulls back from a buffer zone
uncle moves in
just to show uncle's noose will always tighten where it can

chuck noticed the promise breaking
" nato advance post 90 "

till putin drew a line thru georgia


pivot or divot

the suggestion of golf is a sweet one sandy

i might suggest this drive is a vicious hook
for the far right rough
not the center of the fairway

so some local turf gets transfered in the process
given a big swing and a ball without a tee

just gonna happen
say when you're tired its a long second shot
on the back nine

"fuck its going in the woods "

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