polita-fuck up

By Owen Paine on Friday December 23, 2011 10:18 AM


the hord of croaking pwogs are by turns indignant and triumphant over the big lie award winner
at politifacts

yes the GOP was out to destroy medicare as we know it with their infernal voucher plan
say pwogs
how dare you politifax maximus farts call our campaign against this outrage against hapless humanity
an instance of "big lie " time ...in fact the big lie of the year !

head poodle of this non partisan neutral nit wit outfit buffy Adair
reacted in print alas with shameful ill considered foolishness
why counter the expected left of center salvo with such a graceless arrogant stuff shirt pot shot ??

which naturally enough brought forth yet another salvo this time however full
of chortling and posed anguish ahh you bastard
you gave them pwog big foots a self satisfying morning with that pecksniff act ..

chortle example :

"Today Politifact Editor Bill Adair probably ruined his outlet's chances of ever being taken seriously again as an objective debunker of political spin. What a shame. "

what a "shame" ??? give me a break cowhead

"There's a glaring need for somebody to play that role" ?
really ?
a glaring need ?.... for an " objective debunker of poitical spin.."?
...unicorns are less imaginary then objective journalists asshole

but that aside...
this is a line i can really get behind and hump :

".. Politifact was in a unique position to ...(be an objective debunker)...
--- trumpet blast please ---
"... Its parent newspaper is owned by a foundation..."

a foundation no less ...a foundation that paragon form of bourgeois humanism

now that
".... should relieve them of some of the pressures
that for-profit publishers place on editors"

get it ??

non profit ops are objective ops ...like brown eggs are fresh eggs
write that down for future reference will u

file it under
"telling samples of pwog-prig new speak..."

why folks
if these long suffering conscience riven and goo goo driven
shirt and tie pwogs ever had their way with the "ecomony"
you can bet your last dollar
all corporations yes all of em ...no matter how venal ...hell even porn flick makers
would get their "profit balls" clipped off ...err or better yet
never allowed to grow a pair in the first place

now that's objectifying and uhmm ..... then some !!

topshelf pwogs arise
neuter the for profit corporations
even if its only in your dreams

neuter the fuckers
even as you've neutered yourselves

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