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Tip of my tongue

By Michael J. Smith on Friday December 9, 2011 02:53 PM


Okay: who is he reminding me of? It's not Gyro Gearloose, it's not Mortimer Snerd, it's not Reddy Kilowatt....


Image courtesy of a loyal reader who passed it along to me. Wonderful, innit?

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a malted milk mortimer snerd gets it done

Happy Jack:

I-spent-too-much-time-under-a-sun-lamp-and-attended-Harvard Jerry Sandusky.

One of those squishy rubbery dolls where you squeeze its middle and the eyes and tongue pop out?


Gilbert Gottfried with an auto-parts catalog.


Reminds me of this critter, but with better diction:


Would you like to haz some candy, little girl?


Gilbert Gottfried
deserves much much better
don't drag him in here


Herschel Krustofski?


Obama endeavors to startle the child by doing an impression of Peter Lorre:


This leads to some bewilderment among the courtiers of the media, who momentarily forget to cackle and guffaw.

Speedy Alkaseltzer:


In Hitchcock's Secret Agent "the General" played by Lorre pushes the wrong man off an Alp, later 'redeems' self by stabbing the 'bad guy', played by Robert Young, allowing Ashenden (Gielgud) and 'the blonde' (Madeleine Garroll, very delicious) to swear off spying (until next time) as too violent and mug into the wind machine as film ends. Two stars.

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