Alex at his best again

By Owen Paine on Monday January 23, 2012 09:31 AM

"Tumbril Time!" he calls it and many a stilted cheese head of a phrase or word
he trundles off to the chopping block

examples i must take to my poor poor heart :.

"Any headline modeled on “It’s the economy, stupid.”. To the tumbrils with it!

“Well…” , as in constructs like “His performance was.. well… frankly bad.” Equally awful is “…er”, as in “Is Angeline Jolie a great actor? Er… no.” The British are particularly keen on this piece of stylistic coyness."

----my god he's after me here ME !
and he's right as a rainbow too ---

“Really.” ‘folks’

all me ..all me ..

but not this
heaven fore fend me rom ever the use of this

‘stakeholder.’” .

snake holder
or stake driver
but not stake holder
even i ain't that timpanum challenged

but then
merciful godettes

don't the foil master slip
in agrre with this mildewed rag of a phrase

“Bad guys.”

our alex write
" Spot on.."

oh god
SPOT ON " alex ?

to the tumbrils with you too

you supple old pink fop !


and stake holders

find it all here:

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I get peevish when I hear "Do the math." Do it yourself: you're the one who brought it up.

It's the same when I hear the term "iconic." It makes me want to become an iconoclast, in the most literal sense.

I finally looked up the meaning of "pushing the envelope":

I had pictured someone seated coyly at a table and nudging an unopened envelope. A flirtation among lobbyists, perhaps. A mating dance between the briber and the bribed.

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